Mr Trick hates you.

She’s away, and while the cat is away, the rats will wreck the place.  I hate people, no lie.  I don’t discriminate, I hate everyone. Simple. Continue reading


All Tilf, no Mr Trick: stupidity Vs ignorance, wisdom Vs intelligence.

Ignorance vs stupidity, wisdom vs intelligence

We all know that there is a difference between wisdom and intelligence, such as knowing a tomato is actually a fruit is intelligence, but not putting it in a fruit salad is wisdom. But we also know, often to our shock at their examples, that the difference between ignorance and stupidity is often a yawning gap, a gaping maw that some times threatens to swallow us all. Continue reading

From lost squirrels food do mighty oaks grow.

So, it’s the first day, the first step, the leap of faith. And like anyone taking a first step into the brave new world, I’m terrified.

The decision to create a blog was handed to me by one of the smartest people I know. Who declared that the internet was the prime place for my thoughts, words and terribly misguided good ideas, the Muppet! So here goes.

Welcome to my world, tilfsworld, where I try to make sense of everything I see, and hopefully spread a few good deeds. Lord knows I need all the good karma I can get!

So let the good times roll, and hopefully not the heads. I may swear occasionally, I will try to make you cry, to think, to examine. But hopefully I’ll make you laugh, make you try and make your days just a little bit brighter. Maybe.

Oh, also, I may have to warn you about Mr Trick, he can be a bit of a douche, but he means well.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.