From lost squirrels food do mighty oaks grow.

So, it’s the first day, the first step, the leap of faith. And like anyone taking a first step into the brave new world, I’m terrified.

The decision to create a blog was handed to me by one of the smartest people I know. Who declared that the internet was the prime place for my thoughts, words and terribly misguided good ideas, the Muppet! So here goes.

Welcome to my world, tilfsworld, where I try to make sense of everything I see, and hopefully spread a few good deeds. Lord knows I need all the good karma I can get!

So let the good times roll, and hopefully not the heads. I may swear occasionally, I will try to make you cry, to think, to examine. But hopefully I’ll make you laugh, make you try and make your days just a little bit brighter. Maybe.

Oh, also, I may have to warn you about Mr Trick, he can be a bit of a douche, but he means well.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.


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