Cannabis, Alcohol and Tobacco; Tilf and Trick do a study.

Of all the things I despise, hypocrisy is one of the top 10, along with lies. There is no truth so bad that a lie, or pile of lies, will make it better.

I hate the blind unthinking simplicity behind society. You’re told it must be so, that that’s just the way it is, and none of you question it. Why? For any gods’ sakes, you were all given brains for a reason, not just to fill a rather awkward looking space between ears and eyes.

Deep breaths. I’m sorry. I just can’t get my head round the idea that something so good, good for your body, soul, mind and brain is illegal, hated by people who don’t understand it, yet something so horrifically bad for you can be massively encouraged by governments.

Imagine a world where there is no Tobacco, (terrifying, I know, I seem to be catching up with Bill Hicks on my smokes-a-day count). No alcohol, (I do enjoy the occasional drink, but I’m not a drunk), and no cannabis, (I don’t smoke it, but I endorse it, and all of it’s health benefits).

Here’s the skinny, if these three things were discovered today, which do you honestly believe would be legalised? Let’s get them lined up, shall we?

Tobacco first, and it’s benefits.
In a female genetic make up there is a section that reacts positively to the addition of tobacco added in stressful situations. However, it’s down-sides, while I feel like a traitor, are numerous, and horrific. It encourages the cancerous growth of mutated cells, put simply, it encourages cancer; everywhere. The throat, the mouth, the lungs. It ages skin, destroys tooth enamel, kills taste buds and brain cells. It smells, stains and rotting fag butts are a pain in the arse to clean out of shop carpet.

Next, alcohol, trust me, I like a drink, but even I can’t deny it has it’s problems. It’s benefits; red wine helps iron production in the blood. White wine can help the digestive system. Beer is good for hair and skin, and again, the digestion. Ale, like beer, is good for the gut. I have no idea what benefits lager, same as spirits, has, I’m sure it has some, but who knows. But alcohols downsides are, again, a never ending list of disgusting ways to destroy our own bodies. It makes you aggressive, it kills brain cells, kills the liver from the outside in, so it can’t repair itself, or clean your blood. It inhibits your common sense, it poisons your whole body and it’s major organs, and so on, ad nauseum.

Then we have cannabis, it’s benefits, like those of it’s cousin, hemp, are endless. I will tell you it’s downsides first, so you can build a decent view of both. But first, cannabis alone.
If too much cannabis is consumed, by diet or smoke, the user becomes a virtual zombie, a ‘stoner’, useless to all but someone seeking someone to sleep on that’s not going to move too much. Consumed by someone with a prior brain issue, it can open a whole can of worms to bigger problems.

But, and it’s a big but, it’s benefits are incredible. It encourages the cannabinoids in the brain to grow, a section of the brain that helps towards complex problem solving, social interaction and concentration. This section of the brain has slowly been shrinking for hundreds of years, coinciding with the banning of the general use of cannabis. It could be a massive coincidence. It helps with pain relief for sufferers of MS, ME, cancer, tumours, motor neurone disease, EB, spinal collapse, arthritis, osteoporosis and the general debilitating effects of aging. It aids, in a capsule form, ADHD, it can be used for stress relief. I shall even give you a link, to read it for yourself

There you go, read and research for yourself, you don’t even have to look for it.

Then we get to hemp, its cousin, that can be used for EVERYTHING. Its seeds can be eaten to encourage better digestion and fat processing. It’s plant fibres can be used for clothes, soft plastic, hard plastic, fabric in general. The fabric made from hemp is hypo-allergenic, it is easily cleaned and cared for. It is robust, and biodegradable, and can be grown everywhere. It’s oil can be used for hair and skin care, that, like the cannabis plant, helps healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. It oil can be adapted to form a bio-oil that can be cooked with, used for powering engines. If every house, just in main London, grew one cannabis plant, the hole in the O-Zone layer would be sealed in a year, imagine how healthy the planet could be if every property grew just one plant. The added oxygen would create better health, the plants, eating small amounts of trapped carbon dioxide, and other trapped gases, would improve the overall health of the planet and it’s inhabitants. This would help towards an end to global warming, which appears to be the problem of this generation.

Again, here you go, have a link,

But it needs research, as do all things. Sadly, there are still some kinks in the logic of cannabis and hemp, I’ll not deny that, but with research and attention, those kinks can be ironed right out.
Who knows, maybe we can improve the world a little, but that’s just what I think.


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