Fake friends, frenemies and tossers. Mr Trick has a weeny rant about twats.

Over the last 28 years, I have met a lot of people. I’ve met good people, bad people, saints and tossers. The good ones have helped make me who I am, and unfortunately, so have the others. Over the last few years, I have discovered a universal truth, not only are most people twats, you will be hurt by those who ‘care about you’. I hate you all.

I read a lot of things from people saying “Why can’t I find a nice, honest partner who’ll love me for me?” then they either be someone utterly not-themselves, or they lie, cheat and betray, or vice-versa. And it’s a shame. I’m lucky in my life now, I’m settled with the squash, and the only way I could be happier would be to win a fat jackpot on the lottery, and build me a house on top of a cliff. On an equator-based island. With loads of rooms. Away from pretty much everyone. Because so few of you can be trusted. No offence.

About 14 years ago, I met a friend, someone who I have stood by their side through thick and thin. I helped them with their alcoholism, I helped with everything they needed. We were best friends. About 10 years ago, I met someone else, we did loads together. I would pick up the phone at 2 in the morning to them crying, they would come over, and I’d drop all my plans to help them. Both of these people had my help whenever they wanted it. And they fucked it up. Massively.

Ok, so the second friend, we’ll call them Alex, non-gender, Alex found out their partner was cheating, I personally would have kicked them to the curb, and fucked them up every step of the way. I’ve been cheated on, a lot, so I take a rather dim view of this. Anyway, Alex doesn’t. Alex forgives, repeatedly, until said partner gets bored and cuts Alex loose. Alex calls me, in tears, no warning, just says “I’m outside, I need somewhere to stay”.

And this was typical of Alex, Alex would show up, at any mates door and demand entry, entertainment and probably sex and/or crashing over rights. Alex gets with a new partner, who follows their usual MO, and alienates Alex from all the friends, eventually, they move miles away, and Alex cuts me from their life “because partner doesn’t like us hanging out” Alex belongs to them. I last spoke to Alex almost a year ago, when they randomly showed up, and demanded to be treated as normal, after no contact for a year. It didn’t work.

Friend number 1, we’ll them Billy, again, nice and unisex! Anyway, I helped Billy with every step I could. When it all went titanically tits up, I was there. So about 4 years ago, Billy lost their job, due to their own selfish stupidity. So instead of fixing it, asap, Billy went on the dole, “just for a little while, til I’m back on my feet”, claimed every penny possible and spent said pennies on tattoos, beer and crap. Then whinged because their electric was cut off. So, Billy finally climbs out the hole, and gets another job, over 3 years after first going on the benefits. This, by the way, will explain a lot about my view on benefits.

Billy starts putting spiteful Bollocks on Facebook, (gods bless its cotton socks) about tax credits and small businesses. The view held by Billy is apparently that anyone who works in small businesses is a piece of scum. Shit to be hated at every opportunity. I, understandably, lose my temper, and rargh off about the difference between working tax credits and benefit scrounging. Billy gets the arse, accuses me of emotional blackmail (Billy was, apparently, friends with my boss too, but it didn’t stop spiteful crap about small business bosses).

After 14 long years of defending Billy and their actions, I finally felt I had to delete them from my Facebook. So now, the ‘friends’ who reassured me that they weren’t just friends with me because of billy, are all now ignoring me, and have cut me from their lives. And you know what, we’ll call them Sebrina, Lucas and Jayden, they can go fuck themselves. I’ve done nothing to them, but Billy has probably told them a load of Bollocks, and instead of asking me, like friends would, they’ve instantly taken Billy’s side, and cut me loose.

They will need me, long before I need them.

Anyway, this rant has a purpose. I personally see no point in being ‘friends’ with people you don’t actually care about. It’s basically lying. And I really, really hate lies. I’m hurt that they’ve taken no pains to find out what happened, they’ve just blindly followed what they’ve been told. Which being the type of people they are, they normally rail against, massively. So, make of that what you will. Also, Billy spent the 3 years on benefits complaining that there wasn’t enough money given to people in benefits. Now Billy is back in work, and finally paying taxes for the first time, every post is about how benefits are fucking sickening. And there should be less money. Again, make of that what you will.

Basically I wanted to foam. I had to vent, so bad that it was starting to make me cry, and now I have. Thank you for listening.

There’s still no excuse for liars.

Or bananas.


2 thoughts on “Fake friends, frenemies and tossers. Mr Trick has a weeny rant about twats.

  1. I must say, I take issue with the fairness of this particular blog. Bananas are a wonderful source of potassium, they’re a nice friendly yellow colour and they provide great entertainment when a bunch of them are used to imitate oversized fingers, so I don’t see why you’re so down on them.

    Other than than, good job.

  2. In some ways you should be glad , it can be hard cutting away deadwood and some people are good at covering their true colours, it can take years to work out they simply aren’t worth the time and effort .These people have saved you the trouble so now you can focus your time on people that actually deserve it .
    Quote~ ” A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.”
    Joseph Joubert

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