Learning a helpful edumacation, the different thing to education.

We learn a lot by what we’re brought up with, sometimes those lessons drummed into us can be shaken off, but not always. And some people just refuse to learn. There is education, the actual, proper things you actually learn. And edumacation, the stuff that’s not classified as actual knowledge or wisdom, but is important, nonetheless. Continue reading


Blind arseholes and invisible ninjas. Tilf and Mr Trick have a complaint about idiots.

Ok, those who know me, or have read this quite often know, I am quite tall. I’m 6 foot tall, I’m female, and have followed my genetic code and have bigger than average boobs. I’m also normally in a rainbow wide range of colours, so I ask, how the fuck do people not see me? Continue reading

Camping and wasps. Tilf gets taken for an awesome holiday.

Some creatures are easily understood. Some make themselves understood, some just are understood. For example, bears. Bears are big, angry, hungry bastards, stay away. Yes, they protect their young, same as humans, they want food, same as humans. But humans can say “stay away from my baby, or I’ll cut you” or they can say “give me what I ordered you McMoron, or I will end you, with a shovel.” Bears can’t say that. So they roar.

But wasps are still Glaswegian tossers. Continue reading