Learning a helpful edumacation, the different thing to education.

We learn a lot by what we’re brought up with, sometimes those lessons drummed into us can be shaken off, but not always. And some people just refuse to learn. There is education, the actual, proper things you actually learn. And edumacation, the stuff that’s not classified as actual knowledge or wisdom, but is important, nonetheless.

So, how many times will you touch an electric fence before you learn that the fence with the yellow wire in it hurts, and is bad? Realistically, only really a couple times, first time by accident, second, maybe third, time to make sure, and for some people, who will probably be receiving a Darwin award at some point in their future, fourth time, just to make really, really sure. This lesson can be applied to lots of things, for a long time, and sometimes even now, my electric fence was men. All I’d learnt was that they cheated, stole, beat and raped. I had to learn everything all over again, to stop coming across as quite so much of a nutter. It hasn’t fully worked.

Take Boo the cat, well, actually, no, don’t, because then I’ll have to hunt you down and kill you for stealing my baby. An example, perhaps better put, she has had to learn all over again that not every human is going to kick her, use her as a fag stubbing plate, throw her, drown her or otherwise use her like a Justin Bieber stress doll. Maybe the Bono special edition.
With real scream sounds.

It’s taken quite a few years, and it’s not completely sunk in yet. For either of us.

The problem with modern relationships was marvellously pointed out in a circular flow chart, and it works both ways. As follows; nice girl/guy meets dicky guy/girl, gets screwed over, turns into bitch/tosser, meets nice guy/girl, treats them like shit, turns them into tosser/bitch, who meets nice girl/guy, treats them like shit, and the whole horrible cycle begins again. Every time. This has to stop, now. Seriously. Otherwise we’re all going to be arseholes, and France has supplied enough of those, thank you very much, we don’t need any more. And don’t be an Emo about it, there’s enough teenagers per decade, once you get past 16 or 17, stop. Pull up your big girl pants and man up, Princess.

But there are other lessons, ones we’re not taught, the ones we have to seek out. Ones they don’t tell you in school, and you can’t learn from experience. For example, the won’t tell you in school that Hugo Boss dressed the Nazis. Hence their spiffingly cut uniforms. They won’t tell you that that immolating yourself (burning yourself alive, by the way) doesn’t just hurt like a bastard, which should be obvious, it explodes your eyeballs in their sockets, before you pass out, and your brain follows your eyeballs’ end choice, perhaps out of organ solidarity.
They won’t tell you why you must bend from the knees when lifting heavy objects. For information, and so none of you can complain I never tell you anything useful, it’s because lifting from the back stresses the muscles attached to your spine and shoulders, which can pull them off said bones, it can also put so much pressure on the intestinal muscle wall that it pops, giving you a hernia, where the gut pokes out the muscle wall. Very unpleasant.

We can learn strange things in strange places, I learned that the the ingestion of wholegrain is good for you, helping your body fight against future insulin resistance. Basically eating wholegrain can help you fight type 2 diabetes. And I learnt that off a cereal box. Not bad.

But, some of the knowledge that’s being put out there is wrong, in really subtle ways. The Squash’s latest new game, declared the main character has the blood of the gods, but had been banished from Mount Olympus by Hades. Fine, fair enough, lovely idea for a violent games main characters back story. Apart from the fact that it’s fundamentally wrong. Hear me out.

Hades, the god of the underworld, for the Greek gods, isn’t often allowed on Mount Olympus, because the other gods don’t like him. For some reason, kidnapping girls and forcing them to marry him and create winter, etc, will do that to your popularity level. Also, it’s not his choice, even Hera has a struggle trying to get people/gods banished, and she’s Zeus’ wife. So, wrong.

I know that seems really petty, and it probably is, but people don’t learn for themselves, they got told things and accept them, if they have come from an apparently legitimate source. If some guy in the street with a foil hat, tissue box shoes and a coat made of burger wrappers told you the world was going to end tomorrow, would you believe him? I would imagine the answer is no. But, imagine that same news, coming from an emergency broadcast, spread across all newspapers and channels, every channel in he entire world has Professor Steven Hawkins’ face slapped on it, so he can tell you the world will end. Tomorrow.
Panic. That is what would happen in the world, panic, chaos and horrible breakdown of simple civil behaviour. Generally because so few people are civil to begin with. Utter panic.

I was brought up by an openly racist father, and a bit of a closet racist mother, but I think she just agrees with him to shut him up. I and my sister on the other hand, are far and away from racist. She’s a nurse, so as far as she’s concerned everyone looks the same when they’re begging you to save their baby, or they’re cut open, waiting for an organ transplant. From my point of view, I haven’t had that chance to lay everything out, no pun intended. So I’ve had to settle myself on the logic that I don’t care what colour you are, or what religion you follow, if you’re a twat, you’re a twat. Simple. Colour, religion or diet have nothing to do with it.

But again, there’s no excuse for the French.


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