Twelve years have passed. Tilf and Trick reflect on humanities worst moments.

So time has done it’s usual thing and passed, rather swiftly and leaving everyone wondering what happened.

So mainly for today, I would like to acknowledge that 12 years have passed. 12 years of unanswered questions and broken hearts.

12 years ago, today, something happened to change the world, change the people in it, and forever change the way people saw the day to day standard things they see.

I’m not going to offer answers, I can’t. I’m not going to ask for justice, there can never be a simple answer anymore. And I’m going to apologise now, I know this is an issue that will upset a lot of people, understandably, and I’ve argued with myself about whether I should write this or not. I decided that I can’t write about one emotive issue and avoid another. So, for those who are hurt, I can never understand fully the pain people, who lost families and friends, can ever feel, nor will I even pretend to. I can only wish peace on every person who reads this.

And I’m so sorry for your loss.

Today, September 11th, 2001, New York City, Manhattan, beheld an act so atrocious, so unbelievable and so evil that it changed the face of everything, forever. Although on the same day, two other planes were crashed in other places in America, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were the focal point of the whole world. Suddenly, the attack flung America into the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons. But, at the same time, with an unexpected strength, The United States of America had so many people, places and countries standing behind it and beside it, it very nearly became the United States of Earth. I don’t think anyone expected so many people to be so struck and horrified by what had happened. Or so determined to stand shoulder to shoulder with the strong, the lost and the heroes.

No matter what had happened before, whatever reason was used, there was no excuse for that amount of death. The deaths that have followed are just as excessive and inexcusable. The war waged afterwards is still happening, people are still dying, and the majority of those affected are innocent bystanders, just like those who lost their lives in and around the towers.

No amount of peace will bring those people back, no amount of wishing will change the horrendous decisions made in the name of religion or whatever other reasons have been given.

The same logic can be applied to many other momentous occasions in history. The thing people forget is that just because something is monumental, it doesn’t always mean it’s good. There have been so many moments is history that people must remember, someone allowed to happen. Someone, somewhere knew it was happening, and they let it happen. By staying silent, by not speaking up against a horrible crime, of whatever proportions.

To give you some idea of these moments, I need you to open a well-known image providing search engine. Now, open about 12 windows, in each of those image windows, type the following words, one subject in each search bar.

•Auschwitz track
•Auschwitz boxes
•Children in Vietnam running
•Columbian killing fields
•Tiananmen Square
•Falling Man
•Little bighorn
•Rorke’s drift
•Massacre of the native americans
•Berlin Wall

In fact, just search for horrifying moments in human history. There are so many moments in human history that shame so many.

We can never erase what has happened, we can never change the moments that would make onlookers of the human race think we are anything other than barbaric. But we can learn, we can ensure something like that never happens again.

I don’t know you, any of you, and I don’t know your beliefs or logic on colour, religion or mantras. But I do know that underneath it all, we are all exactly the same. I don’t know what you’ve been through, but for such loss, I wish peace and a degree of happiness for you, as much as can be hoped for. Please stand up, be counted.

I shall end with a quote, attributed to Edmund Burke, who shall probably only ever be remembered for this:

“All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”


One thought on “Twelve years have passed. Tilf and Trick reflect on humanities worst moments.

  1. Labels, religion and the power of humanity .
    labels make people different from each other ,jew,american,infidel,christian,buddhist,gay,black,ugly,fat,poor,goth,jock,welsh . we use these every day to set ourselves apart from others , we build walls between each other with them .

    it’s in human nature to belong to a group and direct hate or dislike towards the “Others”, its all part of our caveman mentality . that tribe looks different , they believe in a different deity etc.

    Religion is the biggest culprit because to have one’s religion undermined means a lack of control and therefore must be stopped at all cost ! (According to whoever’s in charge) and even from the earliest days of humans there have been people out to control and theres no better way of doing it than with religion . it makes you belong to an easily identifiable group and sets the rules .

    I am just a small insignificant speck of organic carbon based material trying to live out my existence as happily as possible i am unique just like everyone else , i am a human nothing more nothing less . we only get one go on this fairground ride called life and we need a few more people to realise this too but it won’t happen all the time walls are driven between us .

    I hope that one day maybe when the population is reduced to a point where life is rarer and becomes more sacred because of it we can put aside stupid differences and finally learn that labels don’t work .

    i believe this is achievable through technology . hasn’t the world already become a much smaller place ? we now know the second an atrocity happens half way across the planet and reel in shock ,we sympathise and send aid .and try to learn from it .

    I know things look bleak because the the media likes to report and rub in our faces the shocking stuff rather than the stories of joy and triumph humanity and hope but they are out there and the more people that see these horrors the smaller the world seems to become and maybe just in the nick of time we will become so sickened we will stop to think of consequences .

    I for one am glad they are seeking diplomatic solutions to the syrian conflict people have stood up and pointed out finally that death doesn’t help stop death .. its like fucking for virginity

    There is hope , humanity may prevail yet

    Give peace a chance ❤

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