Hell has spilled over, and it’s making you queue. Tilf and Trick visit hell itself.

The sooner everyone gives up on this archaic, draconian snail, dragging it’s vile poisonous trail through everyday life and either evolves into a working, constructive machine, or dies, finally, and with many a flailed limb, the better.

Staffed almost entirely by the afterbirths of leperous baboons.

I can only be talking about the post office. Continue reading


Moving house with Tilf and Trick. Part 1 of the “What was i thinking?” diary-blog-thing! We shall spread the horror of moving.

So far we’ve packed over a dozen boxes, and we haven’t made a dent in what needs doing.
With that in mind, I present to you all, those currently spared the fate of trying to move house, and those experiencing a very similar hell, the ways of the move.

This will get messy. Continue reading

We hate winter. Trick and Tilf talk about the weather, kind of.

I live in England, for some sin or other, and this delightful little country has decided, after a beautifully prodigious summer, to remind us where we live.

With a start of autumn/winter that promises tears before bedtime. Continue reading