Moving house with Tilf and Trick. Part 1 of the “What was i thinking?” diary-blog-thing! We shall spread the horror of moving.

So far we’ve packed over a dozen boxes, and we haven’t made a dent in what needs doing.
With that in mind, I present to you all, those currently spared the fate of trying to move house, and those experiencing a very similar hell, the ways of the move.

This will get messy.

We started packing random things, books and DVDs, this has taken about a week and a load of boxes. Sadly, being an avid reader and movie buff this means I now have a dozen boxes of books and films, more shelves of both to pack and dusty hands.

Oh, and a very thin walkway from the door of my bedroom at my parents to my bed, that even Boo struggles to fit down.

If there’s a fire, we’re all buggered.

Because Boo and I are living in the room we’re trying to pack, and because my parents are trying to rebuild a kitchen from scratch, don’t ask, it means I can’t put boxes anywhere other than my room. Which is full.

Trying to move house is one thing, trying to rebuild a kitchen, redo the ceiling in said kitchen, trying to pack a lifetimes worth of collectables, or ‘clag’ as my dad calls it. And trying to prepare for Halloween and Christmas. While trying to sort my head out, and work full-time and have some form of life is hard enough. Doing this ALL AT THE SAME TIME, it turns out, is rather difficult. One might even say, nigh on impossible. But as the old saying goes, if you want something done fast, give the job to someone who’s already busy to the brink of lunacy.

Not only will the job get done, you’ll also learn a lot of new swear words, curses and oaths that would make a demonic sailor blush and say “oh, my, that’s a bit harsh.” There have been so many declarations of “devil take it”, “my soul for a roll of packing tape” and “what right thinking god would possibly have created elbows that don’t bend that way” I’m starting to wonder if there’s some outside influence.

There is, by the way, it’s called Chaos. Anyone who tells you Chaos is not a living, thinking being is either wrong or lying. Chaos is a close relative of Karma, who thankfully seems to like me. At the moment.

Moving house is complicated, messy, annoying and, if you let it be, upsetting. Thankfully, moving house takes so much of your time and focus you have very little time for emotion to step in. Moving in with a boyfriend is one thing, but upping sticks, packing up everything you own, looking round the shell you built around yourself and realising you have to build a whole new shell is upsetting.

A while new chapter and challenge, certainly, but it can be a mite tearful too.

An empty house is possibly one of the most depressing things in the world. Moving out of one room isn’t so bad, as you only have to say goodbye to one room. Your family house will always be, kind of, your home. But moving entirely is horrible. Thankfully I’m just moving from one room to a house. But new empty house are kind of sad as well, they still have all the old feelings of those who lived there before. Happy memories, crushing defeats, merry Christmases and bitter wakes. Happy birthdays and goodbye grandad’s, all are left in the walls, leaking out onto their new owners, until the new people can overlay their own vast washes of emotions onto them.

The house I’m going to has some furniture left inside, along with some photos, which in theory the people will take with them. Except the sofa, I hope, I really like that sofa. The chest of drawers is lovely as well. The photos show a happy family, obviously at a wedding, gathered together around a stunned looking groom, and a determined bride, as all wedding photos do. Another shows the same couple, earlier in time, showing off happy smiles and ringed fingers.

A baby play pen in the bedroom pays tribute to the need to move. A growing family needing room to spread, to grow happier and more fulfilled with every passing day. And I wish only happiness and contentment on every member of that family.

But for now, those who are moving know the feeling, those who aren’t, listen well, this may apply to you someday. You can pack as much as you like, you can pack early, or late, but it needs to be done, finding other jobs will only delay the inevitable.

Which is why there’s no washing up, all my socks are paired, Boo is brushed, my nails are painted.

And this ‘Part 1 of moving with Tilf and Trick’ page exists.


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