President Mandela has died.

Nelson Mandela has died.

There is no introduction that could possibly convey the depth of emotions felt by the whole world at such a simple statement. Nothing could describe the worlds mood.


Today, the 5th December, 2013, Nelson Mandela died at home, aged 95, after a long illness.
He fought, tirelessly, over many years, even spending 27 years in prison, leading to the writing and creation of the book ‘The long walk to freedom’ which really is an amazing read.

He was the first black president of South Africa, fighting to destroy the apartheid regime that had settled over his country. Let me remind you that under apartheid ruling many people were judged to be ‘not human’ for some reasons as simple as their hair. They would be judged as black, and that was bad enough, but there was also the comb test. The officials would run a comb through your hair, if it got stuck, it was because you had ‘black’ hair and as such were scum.

He fought this every day. And today he died.

I’m one of the millions of people who are deeply touched by his loss. I will do a more detailed obituary and review of his life, but at the moment, I’m afraid to say I am too sad.

Rest in Peace Madiba, you did good.

A minute silence for Former President Mandela. Thank you


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