Gay marriage success! Tilf and Trick celebrate real rights.

So finally, at midnight, England and Wales takes a tiny step towards actual freedom of rights. I’m straight, and I think this is fabulous. Continue reading


Pot tax = country saver? Mr Trick looks at some nice maths.

A tax on pot. Or weed. Or ganja. Or whatever you want to call it. A small one, just 10%, this could save the country. In a week.
I shall explain. Continue reading

Glasses and other torture devices. Tilf and Trick explain the ‘joy’ of spectacles.

Bloody glasses! And not ones with no lenses, actual glasses, that actually help me see, because I’m basically blind. I get so angry at glasses. And no non-glasses-wearer will ever truly understand the rage felt by us who live in the world of 4 eyes. Continue reading