Pot tax = country saver? Mr Trick looks at some nice maths.

A tax on pot. Or weed. Or ganja. Or whatever you want to call it. A small one, just 10%, this could save the country. In a week.
I shall explain.

In the UK, the population currently stands at roughly 63,461,875 people. So, I’ll break it down, that’s 63 million, 4 hundred and 61 thousand and 8 hundred and 75 people. Ok, got that?

It’s estimated that over half of these smoke, or otherwise, use, cannabis. So for a rough estimate, we’ll say half, for sake of argument. That means 31,730,937 people are smoking, eating or otherwise using cannabis. That’s not including the numbers of people with eczema who could be helped by it’s oil.

So, if all those people buy one eighth, or 3.5 grams, the accepted size of a regular pack, of cannabis, that means that £793,272,425 is being spent on cannabis alone, in one day, in the UK alone.

So, if the government legalised it, and took 10% tax from every eighth bought, that means they would take £79,327,342. So in ONE DAY, the government could take 79 million, 3 hundred and 27 thousand, 3 hundred and 42 pounds. In a day.

Maybe it’s just me being silly, but that sounds like a hell of a lot of money. More than enough to fill a deficit or two. And that’s not including the tax taken from the growers. Say, 10% on each yield grown. A license fee for the growers, smokers, sellers and growers.

That’s a hell of a lot of duck houses.


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