Gay marriage success! Tilf and Trick celebrate real rights.

So finally, at midnight, England and Wales takes a tiny step towards actual freedom of rights. I’m straight, and I think this is fabulous.

At midnight, 28th/29th March 2014, English and Welsh MPs finally push through the legalisation of gay marriage. Now, lesbians and gays can have as much right to be as unhappily married as straight couples. It seems to be that the only decent argument anyone has come up with is that it says it’s not allowed in the bible. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see hordes of people battering down the doors of divorce courts saying it’s against god. I also don’t see these same, loud, angry, self righteous, hateful, narrow minded Muppets protesting against tattoo parlours.

Surely if you love someone, you have the right to declare to your friends, your family, the world, and to some, more importantly, your god, whomever it may be, that you love them, and want to share your life, name and bed with them until the day you die.

Or until they squeeze the toothpaste in the wrong place one too many times.

I heard an argument today that one of the reasons gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed is because it doesn’t result in the natural creation of children. Well, by that logic, surely these people should be protesting those marriages that, by dint of god, are childless.

“Hey, you there, yes, you people who decided that one of the millions of lost, abandoned or taken children idling in adoption centres for some reason or other, should be given a chance by your family, yes, you. I’m sorry, but your marriage isn’t actually legal in the eyes of god. So, hand back that child, and go to the back of the marriage queue, just behind bigamists, rapists and woman beaters.”

That’s right, also due to bible law, if you’re divorced, you’re technically not allowed to be married again. Where’s the huge queue of homophobic bastards knocking those doors down? Surely god him, or her, self, said “Turn the other cheek, and love thy neighbour.” I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to pick and choose bits of the bible you like and don’t like.

“Excuse me, yes, I’ll have a starter of blissful paradise and a side of sanctimonious rage, but I’ll leave out the self flagellation and damnation for hatred, it doesn’t go with my shirt.”

I know that I will probably never get the chance to argue about who’s making breakfast on a Sunday with the man whose name I took, but why does that mean that if both parties are wearing a tuxedo or both sides wearing a meringue dress, metaphorically, or otherwise, speaking, why should anyone be stopped? If gays and lesbians were getting married to form a same name child murdering ring, then I could understand why people were so angry about it.

But they’re not.
They, like every other human being on the planet, just want the chance to have the same rights of a happy, unhappy, explosive or wonderful marriage as everyone else. Oh, and the argument about “How will I tell my children that the men next door are married?”

How hard is it? You say very simply, “Well my dear sweet child, who will be responsible for my care when I’m old and vulnerable, those men are gay, they are married because they are very much in love, they are happy and wish to declare to a god that loves them, no matter what, that they wish to be able to hold hands and exchange rings, to cry and fluff up the vows, just like everyone else. You will meet many more gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, asexuals, transexuals etc who may view the world differently from you, but you must remember, we have lived in a world where everyone was the same and had to live by one rule, and it was horrific. It featured the torture and deaths of millions of people. But because we’re a civilised and caring race, we stood tall and let our fellow man, or woman, marry whomever they wished, because they are in love. And god loves them, as much as me.”

Then you calmly realise that we have seen placard waving on the wrong side before as well. The signs featured things like, no blacks, no Irish, no mixed race marriage. Those were the wrong side then, and those placard wavers are on the wrong side again. And don’t get me started on the whole “what’s wrong with a civil partnership?” deal. Because that’s just spiteful Bollocks. “Your marriage isn’t as legal as ours, because you’re gay.” Fuck off. That’s bull-shit. Civil partnership? Half hearted bone throwing, I call it. “Well, ok you can sort of get married, but it’s not as legally binding, purely because of the way your biological code works.” Being gay is not a choice, it is in some peoples code, their genetic make up.

I’m probably as straight as they come, and I’m entirely at peace with my sexuality, mainly because I haven’t been told that I’m broken, or ill, or doing it purely to piss god off. I am straight, and I am more behind gay marriage than most other things.

Apart from hanging paedophiles, rapists and animal harmers.

The simple fact is, having legal, gay marriage isn’t going to destroy the world. Letting two men or two women, marry isn’t going to cause god to reach down and severely fuck us up, if anything he/she would probably be overjoyed that we’d finally started to behave like civilised people.

We’re made in the same image, we walk under the same stars, we breathe the same air and we were created the same way, whether it was a god, or many gods, or an explosion, or we appeared, or even if we just showed up one day. We’re all the same, and yet we still behave like spoiled brats at a birthday party who can’t fight the same enemy.

The enemy isn’t gay marriage, or anything else, it’s apathy, ignorance and hate. And we’re better than that. If I get an invite to a gay marriage, I would be there in a heartbeat, and I would be so happy to see two people express their love and devotion under gods eyes.


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