The American Dream. The second meeting of the Bimbling Foodies.

It’s official, I can reach my sugar limit. And all it took was an immeasurable amount of E-numbers, a metric fuck-ton of sugar and a national emergency of a burger.
Beautiful. Continue reading


Krokodil, Russia and other reasons to change the planet we live on. Mr Trick looks at a drug craze.

Right, sometimes drug addicts are pitiable. Rarely, but sometimes. Krokodil addicts, however, are morons of the highest and most ridiculous nature. I don’t pity them, I pity their fellow competitors for a Darwin award. Continue reading

Nanu nanu. Robin Williams, depression and hope with Tilf and Trick

Today the world got a little less funny. On the 12th August 2014, Robin Williams was found dead at home in a suspected suicide. Again, the funniest people tend to have the darkest lives. In his own words, Germany has no comedians anymore because they killed all the funny people. Continue reading

Fabulous food, brilliant company. Tilf and The Bimbling Foodies find amazing food.

So, it’s become a thing that I and a few friends go and have a meal once a month on Monday nights. It’s brilliant; I eat actual food, I see actual human beings without wanting to punch them.
I work in retail, it’s a common thing. Continue reading