Which came first? Violence in media/life. Tilf and Trick examine social weirdness.

I’ve had the age old debate again. Not nature/nurture. Not God/no God. But the other one: Violence in media and violence in life. Continue reading


Tilf for Prime Minister. Maybe President. Fairly self explanatory.

I recently enjoyed a day off, it was marvellous. But it was a little marred by my horribly high standards of child control. As such, I have decided I need to run the country.
I now present part one, of a few, of my manifesto for my view of a better UK. Continue reading

Children, school uniform and other hells. Tilf and Trick examine finances and quandries.

Oh, thank any god you like. Throw flowers at lucky stars. Give gifts to any spirit, djinn, ifrit or any demon, imp, god or demi-god. The time has come. It’s amazing.
The kids go back to school. Continue reading