Crime scenes, murder, the perfect crime and other annoyances.

I get angry a little easily. Well, not that easily, sometimes I can take nonsense for ages, literally weeks, before I explode in rightful rage. Other times it just kind of explodes with little or no warning. But normally, it’s the former. I take rubbish and annoyance, abuse and crap and I just let it fester quietly until it becomes an unhealthy mental illness.

One of the things that annoys me is incorrect ridiculousness. Especially in simple things. I cannot tolerate wilful stupidity. CSI is one of those things. So does the basic attitude to mental health. Anyway, the show CSI is riddled with forensic inaccuracies, so many faults. Seriously, watch an episode and I guarantee you’ll see at least three things that would make evidence inadmissible in court and could render an entire case trashed. I have watched episodes where the officers in charge have wandered into crime scenes, with no protective suits or shoe covers, picked up evidence, with no gloves, moved it to another place and generally bimbled about the place making a mockery of all the years of forensic training and study.

All of the equipment used in scenes of crimes have important reasons behind them. Without the suits, with shoes, hair and hands uncovered, any dust, dirt, hair, fibres and fingerprints found on the scene are pointless, they are inadmissible in court, they throw doubt on any other evidence found and can destroy an entire case. With that in mind, we will never hear about ‘The Perfect Crime’ as no one will ever discover that it happened. The ones we hear about are the ones where the perpetrator made a mistake.

Even with the basic understanding of forensics we had at the time, we still knew that Jack the Ripper was just above average height, had greater than average strength and had anatomical knowledge. The argument as to whether he was left or right handed is still occasionally dusted off and trotted back out. The simple fact is that by the way the wound sits, how deep it is at either side, how far it goes and the presence of insects and maggots in places that aren’t wounds all indicate the weapon, the style of attack and any orifices that aren’t natural.

But for some reason, CSI, with it’s big budget for make up and reconstructed attacks, wounds and accidents somehow manages to not be able to afford a decent forensic officer, even a retired one. Retired ones are probably better than younger ones, they’ve had longer to catch lunatics and murderers, they’re experienced in the ways of the bastard.

I’m also annoyed by bad drivers, total morons, relentless breeders and spoilt children. Speaking of which, ADHD. Not every case of ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder) is actually what it’s diagnosed as. A lot of the cases are simply bad diet, bad parenting or just plain boredom. But the cases that do exist are horrible. And on the Autism scale. Autism is used to describe the ‘basic’ symptoms of autism, but any parent with an autistic child will tell you no case is basic, or easy. Every case is different, every child reacts differently, every parent is different.

The autism spectrum covers a hell of a lot. Everything from autism to adhd, from selective mutism to Asperger syndrome, and everything in between. And every child, even if they have the same disorder will be different.

But the thing to remember is that people are idiots. They are selfish and stupid, cruel and spiteful. Basically just be alone, don’t be like them and never assume your crime is the perfect crime. Others have made mistakes so you don’t have to.


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