Flu on New Years? Universe, you bastard.

So I have recently had the Flu. So recently, in fact, that I still have it. Not a cold. Not a Flu. THE Flu. I did have plans for New Years, now I don’t. And it’s horrible. Continue reading


Let me sit on your face at Christmas! Tilf has a rant at a new stupid ruling.

Of all the things I look forward to in a year, Summer and Hogswatch, or Christmas, pretty much take the biscuit. But holidays of any kind are always fun. And you really don’t realise how much you appreciate them until you have to spend all your time around people. Continue reading

And the winner is…! The winner of 2014.2’s Bimbling Foodies choices.

Drum roll please, a really big one. The winner is revealed! Oh, didn’t you know? We pitted restaurants against each other, in a battle to the death of wages. And chose a winner. But in fairness, the restaurants didn’t know either, so it’s probably better that you have plausible deniability! Continue reading

Sushi, gin and chopsticks. The Bimbling Foodies have Japanese!

Well, it was the fifth, and final (of this seasons) Bimbling Foodies. And we’re all feeling very multi-cultural. Well, I am. Continue reading