And the winner is…! The winner of 2014.2’s Bimbling Foodies choices.

Drum roll please, a really big one. The winner is revealed! Oh, didn’t you know? We pitted restaurants against each other, in a battle to the death of wages. And chose a winner. But in fairness, the restaurants didn’t know either, so it’s probably better that you have plausible deniability!

Over the past few months, regular readers will know anyway, we have gone to various restaurants and provided a review of the food, the place, the price and everything else. And now we have chosen a winner, if you’d like to see to the original posts, they can be found on this site, all of them tagged with Bimbling Foodies. But the winner concerns this one.

There, you’ll find the all-out winner. And the joy of winning also means the name of the restaurant is revealed to you all, so you can go and have the Bimbling Foodies experience. If you want, we’re not forcing you or anything, but, in all seriousness, you’d be foolish not to go.

Our food was delicious, but the winner only won by default, so I shall reveal both the tied first place. Oh, start doing a mental drum roll please. The winners are Kitsu and Cau. Originally Kitsu, where we had our delicious sushi, almost won, it was such a close tie, but sadly for Kitsu, Cau in the middle of Tunbridge Wells town won. You can find the original post about Kitsu here.

It really was a close run thing. But the overall winner is Cau. Can you see why I had trouble not saying its name?! The decision was made by all of us. With each restaurant being judged for its prices, its staff and service, its building and appearance, its accessibility and parking and finally, possibly most importantly, its food in general.

There was rather heated discussion about who the winner should be. Cau nearly lost as for some reason they decided to salt Yvonnes steak, but none of the other steak dishes had been salted, so I think it may have been a mistake from someone else’s dish, that sadly nearly cost Cau the trophy. Metaphorically. While Cau is a little loud and brash and made a slight, but for some, me included, unforgivable, mistake. They won by default due to their addition, that as a group of four smokers and one healthy person, we felt it needed credit for.

The outside area of Cau is heated, with sofas, blankets, cushions, lights, umbrellas and ashtrays. It makes a fantastic use of what could otherwise be wasted space, and wins itself a happy little pat on the back! While its closest competitor had as good food and price, it sadly had no provision for smokers or outside eating, which lost it that one vital point.

With we smokers being pushed, leper-like, outside it was lovely to find that at least one place had made provisions for us. With the main part being delicious food, polite and friendly service and bearable prices it ran full pelt towards the winning line anyway, but it stumbled a little with the noise, over active fans and lack of on site parking. But, the nearby shopping precinct has parking, as does the Crescent Road car park, and neither of those are miles away, just make sure you have a jacket and brolly in autumn and winter.

I would imagine that the garden will be packed in summer. But on the basis that most of them will be non-smokers, those people are more than welcome to bugger off inside. I’m afraid my patience for non-smokers who sit outside in summer and complain about smokers is very short. They force out outside in winter, so we force them inside at summer.

That being said, most of our meals were beautiful, but if you get the chance, you should go to Cau, if only once. The winner is revealed, and now it’s time to hibernate until the start of spring, ready for the Christmas paunch to have shrunk a little. Have a fantastic Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Hogswatch, 25th December or whichever celebration you have. Enjoy, and the Bimbling Foodies shall see you in 2015.


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