Jason Mamoa, Manu Bennett, Tom Hiddleston and other reasons to invest in good vibrators! Tilf is not shy.

Because I’ve been single for almost two years, and it’s steadily creeping towards summer, my body clock is ticking. Loudly. Not for babies. But for…male inspired fun. Continue reading


Nigella, spring-cleaning and cat islands. Tilf and Trick blow the cobwebs out of the corners and our mind.

Like a lot of people from my generation (I was born mid-80’s), I used to collect magazines. Now I collect crockery, cats and grumpiness. Continue reading

Gothic clothes shopping and other reasons to carry a baseball bat or palm pilot. Tilf and Trick help the nice people at Kates Clothing.

For all the rages I have, one of my quietest ones is at sizes, styles and availability of alternative clothing. Continue reading