Netflix, Sense8 and other reasons to binge on entertainment.

A few months ago I was introduced to Netflix. Originally I was overjoyed as it gave me wide access to anime, random films and time wasting opportunities. But it’s made me a little sad recently.

I had a huge list of films and shows on My List, including What Dreams May Come, a Robin Williams classic that never fails to bring me to the brink of tears everytime I see it. But recently Netflix has purged a lot of it’s films and programmes, WDMC is one of them. This has saddened me. Give me back my films Netflix!

But I also discovered that Netflix has its own range of shows, made specifically for it. One of them was The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, which was hilarious. It got a lot of bad press after Madonnas doctor, or some other doctor who tells women they’re not good enough and need surgery to make them better, saw the show, decided they were mocking him and killed himself. This is an over-simplification, he had a long history of depression, self-hatred (which may explain why he made a career of making other people feel inferior) and other psychological issues that were never addressed. Sadly, they reached a head, the world got wind of the show at the same time as his suicide, decided that 2+2=5 and it all came to an media-explosion head. It was maddening and saddening to see that a show so clever, so thought-provoking and inspiring, masquerading as a silly show about a girl going from a religious bunker to the wide world, her gay flat mate and work life being be judged so harshly.

However, aside from a few teething issues, and me finally deciding to watch Breaking Bad, (after the hype around it had died down, of course) in a truly marathon sitting of a few days off and a sore bum. I have also discovered Sense8, which has been on My List for a while, and while being on call I decided to plonk myself in my under-stuffed, over-sized armchair, and have a peek at what Netflix kept telling me to watch.

I’m so glad I did.

Sense8 has left me shaking, laughing out loud and choking up. A funny, endearing, clever thrill-ride over a roller-coaster of emotions and ideas. 8 people, linked by some bizarre brainwave, able to access each others skills and languages, able to appear in each others worlds, while staying in their own. Invisible while ‘visiting’, leaving those they’re talking to looking like loonies who talk to themselves and kiss thin air. It has featured a man experiencing the emotional nightmare of a period, it features what might be considered controversial topics: Homosexuality, sexual attacks, equality (in Korea, but also everywhere else), law and order in seemingly unlawful places, transgenderism and a whole host of other things.

I don’t think I have ever been so shaken and so happy to waste a couple of days watching an entire season of a new show, binge watching a clever, funny, amazingly well-written, dark, open-minded season.

Apart from wondering where some of my shows have gone, which I am really quite upset about, I am also wondering when the second season of Sense8 is coming out.


2 thoughts on “Netflix, Sense8 and other reasons to binge on entertainment.

  1. How about Lost in Translation which is a complete study of being in a incommunicative foreign country and cult teenage 90s classics like Clueless and Heathers which are great pick me ups although I urge caution with the strange goings on in Heathers.

    • I must admit, I have still not managed to catch Lost in Translation, but that’s another on my to-do list! I love Heathers, and I positively adore Clueless, a brilliant way to bring Shakespeare to the many without too many boring English Literature classes getting in the way!

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