An alphabet of controversy. It’s a little long, but worth it!

There’s some things we just don’t talk about. But one of the main beliefs of this blog is doing just that. I like pushing these things in your face. I want you to at least think about them, or better yet, talk about them.
So let’s talk.

Abortion, Bereavement, Cancer, Dysmorphia, Euthanasia/Assisted death, Fox hunting, Gay marriage, Homosexuality, Immigration, Jesus/Religion, Ku Klux Klan, LGBT rights, Media violence = violent life?, Narcotics, Obesity, Pornography, Questionable Ideals, Racism, Suicide, Terrorism, Unemployment, Vaccination, Wanking, Xenophobia, YOLO, Zzzzzz.

An entire alphabet of things people don’t want to talk about, a whole list to choose from. So, here we go, grab a cuppa, we’re gonna be here a while.

Abortion. First, and one of the oldest controversial topics. The legal limit for abortion is 24 weeks in the UK, but my research for the US gave me a map of what limit was legal where, and I was amazed. There’s states that say it’s illegal and others where it’s only legal in the case of rape. What the hell. Surely what a woman does to her body is her choice? And I know that the argument is that it may be her body, but that she’s killing a baby. Stop. Enough. End it. Up to a point, yes, that may be a baby, however, it’s not alive officially. Not yet. There was a case a few years ago here of a baby that survived abortion. ‘Survived’. She can’t do anything on her own, not even breathe. If it weren’t for the machines she’ll spend the rest of her miserable existence connected to, she’d be free and away from pain and misery.

Bereavement. There is no time limit to how long individual people grieve for, just work at your own time. You’ll know when you’re ready to move on, but don’t wallow in it, or you may as well be dead yourself.

Cancer. It sucks. Sometimes you get it for what seems like no reason at all. You know, sometimes, life sucks, wear a hat. But don’t look for the villain that gave it to you, just fight it, work for yourself and don’t forget to live BEFORE you get it. You may never get it, doesn’t mean you should never live in the first place.

Dysmorphia. Sucks. Really, it does. Most transgender people will experience gender-dysmorphia at some point. But no one ever talks about species-dysmorphia, because that really sucks. And there’s fuck all I can do. I would imagine a few other furries have it too.

Euthanasia/Assisted death. Seriously, it’s their choice. They’re dying, they’re miserable. The only thing anyone will ever own that no one can legally take away is their body, if they’re not allowed to choose when they die, what can they bloody do? And surely if you saw someone you loved suffering, in terminal pain, holding back tears for your visit, praying for that one last visitor, wouldn’t you want them to be free? Why would you be so selfish as to make them suffer because it doesn’t agree with your beliefs? You dick.

Fox-hunting. In the countryside, maybe. For protection of stock, maybe. But chasing them down, making them end their lives in terror, running them to death and having them torn apart by a pack of dogs? No need. A humane cull, fine, terrorising death, no.

Gay marriage. Really? You’re struggling with this? Everyone has the right to be as unhappily married as anyone else.

Homosexuality. Again, really? People don’t choose to be gay, they’re born that way. Move on.

Immigration. Sometimes it works, sometimes it brings extra cash to a country. Countries need immigration to bring money and send it elsewhere, it’s one of the things that makes the world go round. Apart from magnetism.

Jesus/Religion. Religion, and opinion about religion, is like an arsehole: Everyone has one, but don’t talk through it. If it helps you, enjoy it, but don’t stuff it others faces.

Ku Klux Klan. Go away, you racist dicks.

LGBT rights. Again, like homosexuality and gay marriage. Everyone is human, whether they like the same gender, a different gender, a confusing gender or a bridge. They’re not hurting you. And straight homophobic people, you’re really not that gorgeous, every LGBT person is not going ‘to queer you up’, get over yourself.

Media violence. People are violent, they need to get that rage out. They used to do it against mammoths and short nosed bears, now they do it against strangers on CoD. Spartans didn’t need TV, Romans didn’t need the news and just because someone kills everything on a game, doesn’t mean they’re going to go all Columbine/Dahmer/Gein on everyone.

Narcotics. Some drugs are helpful, but only to those that need them. If you’re not diabetic, and you take someone’s insulin, it’s going to fuck you up, just like acid, speed and marijuana. All medical drugs have social use, and they can help people, but more study is needed.

Obesity. PUT DOWN THE FORK. Stop, if you’ve been told your weight is hurting your health, you need to change. Stop over-feeding your children and pets, you’re killing them with kindness, but fat kids will hate you forever for making school even harder.

Pornography. I was stuck on whether to use Porn or Paedophilia. First, porn is relatively healthy, FOR ADULTS. That’s who it’s designed for, stop letting your children have unrestricted access to the internet, they don’t need to see the whole world until they’re ready for it. Paedophiles; um *shudder* so wrong.

Questionable ideals. Fairly self explanatory, if 99 other people tell you what you’re doing isn’t right, you might consider going back and starting again.

Racism. Really? This is still a thing? Black, white, whatever, you’re all humans. You’re born, you die and in the middle you struggle, why are you making it even harder for yourself and others? It’s the human race, but not that kind of race.

Suicide. Again, don’t hate people for doing it, don’t hate yourself for thinking you didn’t do enough. Once some has decided “that’s it” there’s very little you can do to dissuade them. If you feel you have no other option, pick up the phone, dial 08457 90 90 90 in the UK, 116 123 in ROI, or if you’re in the US, look at this page
Seriously, talking helps.

Terrorism. Muslims are not terrorists, the Irish are not terrorists, Americans are not terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists, and terrorists are arseholes.

Unemployment. It does exist, but there are some jobs, they may not be what you want to be for the rest of your life, but they’re good stop-gaps. But unemployment does suck, extreme donkey balls.

Vaccination. They’re not poisonous, they won’t make your children autistic, that was a lie, the doctor who said it would admitted he lied for money. A child died of the plague in America a while ago. The plague, for fucks sake. Diphtheria is back, thanks for that anti-vaxxers, I hope you stub your toe, ironically, on a hospital bed.

Wanking. Healthy, hands down. Or hands on, as it were. (Depending where you are!)

Xenophobia. Like homophobia, you’re not scared of it, you’re an arsehole. Thank you Morgan Freeman for that, by the way!

YOLO. Not sure if it’s vanished because people have finally realised how shit it it, if they’ve died or if something worse is coming.

Zzzz. Yeah, I’m done. *Drops mic*


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