Karl Andree, Saudi Arabia, Booze and getting lashed. Too soon?

I’m going to be very unpopular soon, I think. I feel that expat Karl Andree (recently sentenced to 350 lashes for having booze in Saudi Arabia) deserves punishment. Sorry.

So, Karl Andree moved to Saudi Arabia some time ago, (about 20 years, I believe, but I can’t find confirmation anywhere) and has been living there ever since. One of the big things about that whole area is the fact that it’s predominately muslim and, more importantly to our story, alcohol-free. It’s been this way for decades. How could you live somewhere for that long and not remember a basic rule about the place? That’s like living in Texas for 20 years and being surprised by the yellow jacket wasps or the guns in almost every property.

Whenever it’s shoved in our faces that people have moved here and now want laws to suit their habits, we’re up in arms. “When in a country, do as they do” that’s our shout, which is why we hog the sunbeds in Germany. But this guy has been caught, drinking and owning home-made booze and now faces the standard punishment for his crime, but we’re defending him. Why?

Yes, I agree that 350 lashes is probably a bit much, it’ll probably kill him, maybe just 50, but we can’t complain that he has broken the law and it’s not fair that he be punished. We’d expect anyone living here to be punished for breaking the law, why not him? What makes him so special?

I know this is probably a very unpopular opinion right now, but the simple fact is, if you don’t know a countries law after living there for god knows how many years, then what the hell are you doing still living there? Even the most dense TOWIE/Jersey shore fan knows you’re not allowed booze there, and he’s apparently intelligent. So what’s his excuse?

But now, after the brave and indignant cries of people who demand muslim tourists wear board shorts and Nicholson polo shirts, the voices who declare social war on any culture but their own, he is being released. Huzzah for the masses. They can get a man who was found guilty, caught red handed, off scot-free. So he’s had the shits put up him, but that’s it.
Or is it?

He’s being released, which means he’s probably banned from the country, so as an expat he’ll probably have no choice but to come back to Britain. And there we realise is the punishment! It’s almost amusingly ironic; those people who declared it’s not his fault, he should be freed etc, will now be the voices that keep him up at night outside his bedsit window. Those same people that shouted that he should be let off will now be the voices he hears next to him at the job centre as he tries to get a pension he can live on. That’s if he hasn’t frozen or starved to death before then. They’ll be his neighbours in a piss-soaked tower block, as he tries to work out which of the social calls from carers are real, which are confidence tricksters and which are playing the long game for his will.

He had a home in a sort of paradise, no alcohol, no, but he knew that before he went there. Like a modern, aged and single Adam, he tasted the forbidden fruit of moonshine and is now being expelled to a horrifying new world, one that he’s probably forgotten how shit it was.

Is it punishment enough? Who knows? And really who cares? Did you even know who he was? Maybe I made this up?

I didn’t, by the way. Does it even matter anymore?


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