The 69 club: Nowhere near as good as it sounds. The loss of Alan Rickman.

Well, that’s it, I’ve had it with 2016. David Bowie and now Alan Rickman? No. I won’t stand for it.

The 27 club seems to have been replaced with the 69 club; celebrities that insist on dying before or at 69, and leaving us all feeling rather bereft of their skills. Today, David Bowie was cremated, according to his wishes, with no-one there. Just a quiet coffin, in a quiet chapel, saying goodbye to a face that, no matter how painted, was internationally recognised. And today we saw the death of Alan Rickman, today has been deeply uncool.

Most people knew Alan as Severus Snape, evil villain, confusing mentor and eventual unwilling hero of the Harry Potter series. With his delightfully instantly recognisable voice, which was, let’s face it, curiously sexy and his perfectly raised eyebrow, he managed to make make us love him, no matter his character. Turning his hand to singing with Texas (it’s really rather good!) he kept up with the changing minds of fans, keeping up with the ages too. Older fans will remember him as Hans Gruber, the villain hoofed off the roof in Die Hard. The Metatron, voice of god, in Dogma (hilarious and informative!) the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves and countless other roles, spanning generations of fans.

I, for one, was deeply upset to hear the news of his death, I know my mother was most upset, due to her not too secret admiration and crush on him. I know many of my friends were upset, being fans of his alone Harry Potter, Die Hard, Kevin Smiths work or his stage career.

I’m hoping that 2016 is trying out some new form of pre-emptive mental karma, taking our favorite stars to lead up to some global good news. Something seriously monumental, world peace, the end of world hunger, the discovery of proof of god or something else. But I fear it’s not. I fear we have lost two bright stars in some horrible cosmic oversight.

One thing is for certain, if there is a god, first he’s got some of the list for my fantasy dinner party, and more importantly, he’s just gained the best voice.

Rest in Peace Alan, and David. I don’t think you realised how much you would be mourned and missed.

NB. I have been reminded that I,have not mentioned Lemmy. I originally argued that he didn’t die in 2016, but the correct argument of “pffft, a technicality” was gracefully received. 2016, and the previous few days, have totally ballsed up my fantasy dinner party..


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