Leo has broken the internet. Finally.

On the basis that Leo has finally broken his streak, won an Oscar and completely ruined one of the most popular internet jokes, I feel it’s time to start another.
Also, I’m hiding in my bed/bathroom today, so I might as well write to you lovely people. Continue reading


Cliches, friends, facebook and fun. Tilf and Trick play a game.

You know how people get annoyed with cliches, but probably use them anyway? I love cliches, I think they’re great. What would we do without them? Continue reading

The car park. A short modern horror story.

I am, by wishful trade, a writer. But until I’m discovered as the greatest writer since Samuel Pepys and Terry Pratchett, I will post my work here, to you lovely and fabulous people!
I present a short fictional story for your eyes. Continue reading