The world according to Mr Trick. Part 1 of who knows.

Views on the world, via the medium of Mr Trick.
This might get messy.

Blood sports.
It’s oft been remarked on that it’s not a sport when only one side knows it’s playing. So surely if both sides knew the rules it would be fair? Perhaps it should be reviewed. Instead of people using such cowardly weapons as guns, and in very rude cases, arrows, perhaps it should be hand to hand?
I personally would be more impressed if someone managed to beat a full grown grizzly with their bare hands. Or even their bear hands?! I may allow someone a small amount of extra armour, kevlar perhaps.
Natural weapons against natural weapons, but with a little extra help for the human. Mainly because we’re so badly made.

General vehicles.
Why do general vehicles need to go faster than the speed limit? Why is the punishment for killing someone through reckless driving so small? Yes, the perpetrator will have to live the rest of their life knowing they killed someone, but surely if they gave a damn about anyone else, they wouldn’t be speeding or driving like a dick in the first place? Perhaps part of the punishment should involve sending them into a mortuary to see the results of a car crash? I can promise it makes you think twice about driving like a moron.

You know the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’? It’s taken as family over friends. But it’s wrong. The original phrase was along the lines of “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. So basically the complete opposite of what it is now taken as. Curiosity killed the cat. Probably, but the rest of the phrase is “but satisfaction brought it back” so be as nosy as you like, curiosity is what had taken the human race from raw meat eating, knuckle draggers to ‘civilised’ modern people.

We’re really not very civilised for modern people. We kill animals we don’t or can’t eat for ‘fun’. We hound dentists and donate money to wildlife funds, but we leave the same people of the country without food or help. Admittedly, there is lots of money raised to help a country’s people, but more often than not, that money does not go to water wells, crop seeds or medical goods. But that is an argument for another day. We donate money to dead soldiers funds, but ignore the soldiers and their families when those aforementioned soldiers emerge blinking and bemused into a world that praises and curses them without asking why.

50 shades of fucking Grey.
No, no, no, no. Just no. If Christian Grey were a fat, sweaty, jobless wearer of neck beards, would he be seen as desirable? No. Would he get away with tying a woman to a washing machine and telling her how to live? No. So why does Grey get away with it? Because E L James is a hack. There. I said it. 50 shades was written as ‘Slasher Fic’. Basically, fan written fiction based on pre-existing works, where all the characters have more sex than the entire combined history of mankind’s greatest lovers. She read Twilight (another pile of depressing wank) and turned it into an infected wart of the arse of BDSM.

But that’s just my opinion.


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