Cliches, friends, facebook and fun. Tilf and Trick play a game.

You know how people get annoyed with cliches, but probably use them anyway? I love cliches, I think they’re great. What would we do without them?

I recently played the Facebook argument game; where you put a potentially inflammatory comment on facebook, then walk away for an hour. When you come back, there’s normally lots of differing opinions and even a few deeply pissed off people venting their whole lifes rage at your simple comment.
It’s lots of fun.

Today, because I’ve been feeling a bit shit for the past few days…wait, an explanation is required. I have been signed off work for the past two weeks with stress, anxiety and low mood, so my body, because it’s hilarious, has decided that four days before I’m due to go back is the best time to develop a cold. Huzzah. So, I woke up on Friday feeling like one of those cheap, badly stuffed cushions that if you sit on it will collapse into a bizarre shape much akin to the main subject in a Bosch painting. So I decided to play the facebook comment game.

Normally, I would post something like “You know, I don’t actually like Led Zeppelin.” Then I walk away from facebook and listen to my notification alarm go mental. At the moment, the alarm is Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs saying about putting lotion on the skin. Last week it was the central bridge from Carl Poppa. Seriously, look it up, I defy you not to have “Jiggy jar jar doe, dur dur dur Dee dur” stuck in your head for days, it’s like the new “Troll-lololol” song.

So today, while watching Breaking Bad (again) and trying not to drown in phlegm, I made my status “I don’t like Mickey Flannigan. There, I said it.” Then walked away, laughing at the antics of Walter and Jesse, less than 10 minutes later, I had my first pay off. It resulted in one of my oldest friends doing that thing that people do to people about spiders. You know? “It probably thinks you’re ugly too” but it was a lighthearted burn that I met with equal burn, though sadly, the only victim was yet again Mickey himself!

Either way, this post has picked up a few cliches on the way, and travelled into “if we all like the same thing” but I couldn’t even be bothered to finish it, so instead, I stated “if we all liked the same thing, etc etc cliche for the modern person” which I was quite proud of. So now the post has gone from a simple statement of not liking someone to wanting Lee Evans, Alan and/or Jimmy Carr and Justin Lee to walk into the sea. Which seems a little extreme.

But this is why I love playing the Facebook game with my friends. I have friends from all over the world on my list, and I personally know the majority of them, the few I don’t are married to those I do, or can vouch for them, and the things different countries peoples get angry about is hilarious.

I love facebook, I love cliches, how would we ever survive without cliches? What did we do before cliches?
I’ll tell you that I bet everyone was really profound before cliches became cliches. No one cares that there are others worse off, we want to wallow in a puddle of self-pity for a while. We don’t want to appreciate what we’ve got, we would never have strived for bigger and better things if we were happy with our lot. Why invent the lighter is the match is ok? Why invent the car if the horse is ok? Being ungrateful has made us try harder!

There may be plenty more fish in the sea, but when we’re feeling vulnerable and a bit naff, they could all be angler fish and sarcastic fringes for all we care, feeling vulnerable makes us get harder inside clubs us together with our friends and helps the local tequila economy thrive.

I love that profound feeling cliches can give us sometimes, it makes me feel wise when I need it. Cliches are good for the soul, but so are a lot of other things. If something makes you happy, do it, if someone makes you happy, see them, just don’t hurt anyone.
It’s very simple, opinions are ok, just don’t be a dick.

And play nice.


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