Leo has broken the internet. Finally.

On the basis that Leo has finally broken his streak, won an Oscar and completely ruined one of the most popular internet jokes, I feel it’s time to start another.
Also, I’m hiding in my bed/bathroom today, so I might as well write to you lovely people.

For years, we’ve watched young Leonardo DiCaprio be passed over for an Oscar again and again, but this year, he finally won. We’ve watched him drown, hide up a water tower, be (in one film) a doctor, lawyer and pilot, slice his actual hand open in an character’s rage and give us one of the best known, and horrific, improvs. But finally, after fighting a bear with his bare hands, freezing and playing an American legend of revenge, he’s finally won.

And completely ruined one of the best internet memes in recorded history.

There have been dozens, from him naming his son Oscar and asking the doctor to hand him over saying “And the Oscar goes to…” pictures of all his characters, his bloodied hand in Django unchained and now his frost covered face in the Revenent. But now the ‘Let Leo win an Oscar’ memes must stop.

So surely, now is the time to campaign for another deserving winner.

How about Robert Downey Jr? Or Gary Oldman? Liam Neeson? Sigourney Weaver? Johnny Depp? Ralph Fiennes? Glenn Close? Harrison Ford? A few others, look then up yourself, I’m ill. All well known, household names, not one Oscar between them. That is not right. I would recommend Sir Anthony Hopkins, but I’m certain he already has one, and this would just turn into a praise Sir Anthony post.

As such, I feel a new meme campaign should begin. Get these guys an Oscar!

Robert. One of the most beloved internet stars. Iron Man would not be the same without him. A surviving, recovered drug addict, who turned his life around and became a world sweetheart. The world and his, or her, dog, loves hearing stories of him hiring an entire theatre and inviting local kids to come watch Iron Man for his birthday. Going shopping in Stark Industries apparel.

Gary. Dracula, all the sides of him. I see his face and all I can picture is him screaming “EVERYONE”. A fabulous actor who quietly gives every film a sense of gravitas. The kind of person you desperately want for an uncle. Or at least a friend. I imagine he’d be honest, friendly and open, and give one hell of a hug!

Ralph. A man who gave He-who-must-not-be-named a face. A terrifying face. Gave us the Tooth fairy. I admit he scares me a little, but he’s still brilliant!

I’m thinking the campaign should focus on Robert first. This may have turned into a praise Robert post, and I’m not ashamed or anything! The other amazing thing is that Leo has remained so humble this whole time, bless his little Oscar-winning cotton socks!

Now I’m going back to sleep. Maybe a bath. But first, bathroom. Quickly.


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