Professor Goddard and Tilf and Trick look at hypocrisy.

I like to think of myself as understanding. In fact, it’s often been seen as one of my better, and sometimes worst, qualities.

Recently a professor in Manchester has resigned from his job after being outed as a porn actor. And here’s where I start to lose my temper.

Professor Goddard was outed by a student who apparently told everyone his previously unknown secret identity as ‘Old Nick’ when the student recognised him in a film he was watching on First up, how can you condemn someone for doing something that is done because there’s a market for it and you’re enjoying the market? That’s like making someone resign for being a smoker when you have actively gone out of your way to smoke. Or similar, you get the idea. I’m very tired!

Add to that that pornhub is apparently considering planting a tree for every 100 porn videos watched worldwide. This means they may single-handedly (as it were) rescue the ecosystem of the planet. Add into that the fact that nobody knew this professor was doing porn on the side, so he has been more discrete than a lot of university students in their extra-curricular activities. Until he was named by a student who never would have found him if he hadn’t been watching the porn in the first place.

Now everyone is declaring that the teacher is right to quit, should have been fired, should be ashamed and that the world is devoid of morals. Pretty much all of which are ridiculous. He shouldn’t be ashamed, so he did a porno? It’s not like he killed anyone, and there’s no evidence he propositioned any of his students. That fact that he gets paid to have sex doesn’t strip of his ability to teach or be an award winning professor, just his pants.

If he is supposed to be ashamed, then surely everyone should be ashamed for anything sexual they’ve ever done that isn’t missionary. Sex is a lot more available these days, you can see it, or the build up to it, on perfume adverts. Does the fact that we’re all a lot more understanding about sex mean we should be ashamed? We get taught about it before we’re 11 now, so does that mean we should feel shame everytime we think about sex? Or do it? Hell no. Sex is one of the greatest things humans can do with their clothes on. Or off. Or hanging from the ceiling lamp. Whatever tickles your pickle.

If he had no morals and was a sexual deviant he probably would have been shagging animals or killing children or something. He wasn’t, he was having sex in the garden with a mid-20’s co-star called Lolly.

I call jealousy on the student.
For Gods’ sake, give this dude his job back, he can still teach chemistry, it’s not been pushed out of his head by some very large boobs.


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