Brussels, London and hope for a better future.

This may sound cruel and unfeeling, and I’m sorry, but really world? Flags don’t stop arseholes.

In London a few years ago, some may remember the 7/7 bombings, terrorists (read arseholes) killed 54 and injured well over 500. Was there an international outpouring of words of kindness and flags on facebook profiles for the UK? No. Did people quietly gather together to help and then quietly fade into the background after risking their lives to save others? Yes. Did everyone suddenly start wearing shirts saying things like “I stand with Britain”? No.

Because everyone see’s the UK as the older sibling that can handle things, make bad things go away. So the British did what we do best. We suited up, tidied up and got on with it.
I feel sorry for the people of Brussels and Belgium, they must be terrified. But the point stands that if you’re going to mourn and pour help on one, you must pour the same on the other.

Thank you people of the world, for feeling that the British can pull together and look after ourselves, but you can help by helping, not by putting translucent flags over your goddamn profile pictures. Go there, help clean up, or shut the hell up and get on with it.

It’s been all over the radio today, and I pity the people affected, it must be terrifying. I remember 7/7, my sister and dad were in London that day, and I couldn’t reach either of them. My family was lucky, no-one we were overly close to was affected. But all of London shook for the couple of hours the bombing happened for, then it pulled it’s socks up and got back to what it does best: Surviving with it’s routine relatively untouched.

Many have died today, unnecessarily, and it is awful. But for any God’s sake, stop blaming Islam as a whole. You wouldn’t blame all of Christianity for the Crusades, the whole white population for slavery, all black people for Idi Amin, all of Japan for Pearl Harbour, all Germans for the Nazis, so why blame Islam for the actions of arseholes using an unfamiliar religion as it’s excuse to murder. And it’s only unfamiliar to the west, that’s the way learning works: You take something you don’t know about and then you learn.

There will always be arseholes who give things a bad name. The few of any religion, country, population or following don’t represent the whole.

But, yes, Brussels does need support. A bandage on it’s knee and a metaphorical lollipop while all it’s friends slap it’s bullies silly in the playground. Punish the wrong-doer, not it’s kin.


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