Helpful free life advice.

Some small pieces of advice. There’s lots of ways to make the world better. And they’re all easy and free! Have a few….

If it doesn’t make the world better, even if it’s slightly better in a tiny way, don’t do it.

If you have to lie about it, hide it, delete it or deny it, you know full well you shouldn’t be doing it.

Before you speak, THINK. It is Truthful? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? It is Necessary? Is it Kind? If you know it’s none of these things, it has no place in this world.

You would be surprised how much a tiny compliment can make someone’s day better? Even just walking past someone and complimenting an item of their clothing. It’s less creepy than complimenting their body or face, and is easy to throw out on the way past.
*see sad person walking towards me on path, gets close, looks at persons coat/shoes/hat/bag/whatever*
Wow, I love your shirt! (or whatever) *keep walking, don’t stop, at all)
Observe smile, it may take a while to appear, but trust that it’s there, enjoy warm and fuzzy of making someone else warm and fuzzy.


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