Freedom in dance. Be you.

When I was a teenager, a song was released that spoke volumes to my generation. If you haven’t heard of it, I’d be very surprised.

This song was filled with helpful advice, from learning to not worry to learning about yourself, from loving yourself for you to remembering that life is fleeting. I love this song, every second of it.

I have discovered a new rage that I didn’t really acknowledge before: Dance classes.
How can you teach someone to feel their soul? You can’t teach the feeling of letting your body react how it knows best.

When you let go and dance “even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room” you are free, in so many ways.

Dance while you’re cooking, cleaning getting dressed. Dance isn’t all about doing the one foot skank or dropping some sick slut drops, it’s about letting the beat (even if it’s in your own head) flow through you. Just let yourself go, relax, be free. Even if it’s just swaying your hips, tapping your feet or waving your arms like seaweed. Be happy.

You can be anything you want, even if it’s in your own head.


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