Brock, arseholes, lessons and the end.

Brock Turner. And his father. Are arseholes.

I’m coming out a little slow with this, mainly because I’ve been seething quietly about the situation, but also because I couldn’t quite believe it.
I couldn’t remember the rancid little turds name, so I typed ‘father defends rapist son’ into the internet figuring it would come up fairly quickly.
It did. Along with hundreds of others.

I felt sick. Would these ‘men’ have felt quite so defensive if it was their daughter that had been raped? Or their wife?

The problem here is that nobody has taught anybody anything. It would be nice if we lived in a world where we didn’t have to tell our daughters, sisters and girlfriends to not drink too much, that someone might rape or attack them. It would be nice to live in a world where we didn’t have to tell girls going out to look out for each other. To stick together. To not walk anywhere and get a cab everywhere and never go alone. It would be nice to live in a world where instead of telling girls “don’t get raped” boys were taught “don’t rape”. Mainly because nobody expects their son/boyfriend/husband to be a filthy goddamn rapist.

But we don’t. We live in a shitty world with shitty people and shitty things. It would be nice if we didn’t, but the only way we’re going to stop people being shitty, spiteful, petty, selfish, cruel, stupid and wrong is by killing everyone and starting again. Or just freezing people, unfreezing them one at a time and re-educating them. But someone would abuse that too I expect. Accepting responsibility would be a lot easier if consequences weren’t so hit-and-miss. Get drunk? Either get home safe, walk into the path of a speeding car, or fall asleep and get raped. Accept responsibility, but don’t victim-blame, and don’t bloody attacker-defend

Because people don’t seem to get it, here’s a very simple video to explain it.

Watch it, share it, spread it.
And this is all I’m saying on this. It makes me angry.


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