EU got to be kidding me?

For those readers not in the UK or who are living under a rock, something huge just happened.
The UK left the EU.
This could be bad.

I have a horrible habit of being proved right and I really hope this is not one of those times. A referendum was held last night, one 23rd June 2016, some have said that 24th June is now the UK Independence Day. Or it could be our downfall. I will watch the news with baited breath.

And vodka.

This morning, at about 6:30am, the votes were in, with a record turnout of voters, that we will leave the European Union.
Please let it turn out for the best.

But it’s very early, I’m tired, I feel ill and I have to go to work so go look up the news and make your own decisions, I’m not here to make them for you.

Oh, by the way, the most prominent thing to come out of the Leave side before the vote was a man who killed a young mum shouting “England for the English”.
Good start. Or maybe it was a blip on a soon to be successful radar. Who knows.

Presumably we now can’t play Euromillions anymore and we’ll have to change our driving licenses.


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