Should we stay or should we go?! A review on modern hatred.

I recently posted about the UK’s EU referendum. I have been thinking. Walk with me.

52% of people voted to leave the EU, which has become a great toiling monster, slobbering over it’s many members, but lubing up it’s great ulcerous cock for the UK to take without warning.
Or so it seemed.

I was one of the 48% of people who voted to stay. Or the 46%, the number seems to change across different sites, so I’ll settle for 48%. I voted for my own reasons, I won’t discuss here. It was a particularly close run thing. Strangely, since the ‘Leave’ vote was passed, people have revealed interesting reasons to leave. A large amount of people have said they only voted leave as a protest, that they never thought it would actually happen. It seems almost ironic that these people have learned, finally, a very hard lesson in “be careful what you wish for”. Some others are sick of hearing stories about criminals, who having been found guilty of various crimes, have appealed in Brussels and had their conviction quashed. Sadly this has meant that there have been too many stories (one would be too many) of gloating people celebrating getting off Scott free.

However, all the papers report seemingly only on those criminals who have come in from overseas, coupled with reports on immigration, the flames fanned by people like Britain First, have led to stories making people scared and angry. More important to remember is that people are scared by unexpected news. (Read The Truth, it’s a good start). Good news doesn’t sell newspaper, people who are happy are harder to control. Scared people are easier. For those of you reading this who voted Leave, go watch or read V for Vendetta, it’ll give you a good idea of what happens when you let hate win.

Never underestimate the power of fear and hate.

Fear and hate have led to some of the worst moments in human history. Recorded or otherwise. Fear led to the concentration camps in Poland, Germany and everywhere else the Nazis stabbed their grubby little knives. But with that is the knowledge that half the nazis honestly didn’t know what was happening in these camps. But that is no excuse. “I was just following orders” didn’t fly with people then and it doesn’t now. But we’ve become better since then. Apparently.

Sadly, a large amount of people who voted Leave seemed to think that it would stop ‘immugrashun’. Seriously, I have actually seen immigration spelt like that. Immigration and cultural acceptance has led Britain to be Great Britain. The great British curry for example, Pizza, Pasta, Haggis (eurgh) and every other thing that we take for granted, have all come from other cultures. We used to be one of the most understanding countries on earth, with some of the greatest ways of doing things. Yes that’s changed, but we still have clean water, very few of our people die from starvation in a year.

There will always be those who make the many look bad, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, probably until I’ll blue in the face, we are all people. Underneath we have bones and organs, we all strive to live. There have always been those who work to make others miserable, but listen very closely.

They’re not all ‘bloody foreigners’ or ‘damned *insert current hated religion’ or ‘those fucking gays’. If any of those thoughts have crossed your mind, go and sit in a dark room until you realise why you’re being an idiot.

The attack in Orlando was horrific, the murder of Jo Cox was atrocious. The murders, mass graves, decimation of people and attacks on freedom that have happened over the past few centuries show why we’re not as evolved as we think we are.

I am occasionally ashamed to be human, to be associated by nature with people who think they have the right to kill others. To destroy their lives. In my history is at least one rapist, and even I wouldn’t wish death on them. That’s too easy.

Life is hard. You’re born, if you’re lucky you have a caring family comprised of one, two or dozens of adults. There may be two mums or dads or one of each. Hopefully you’ll have an education, be taught to read and learn that you don’t have to carefully boil your water before trying to drink it.
Life comes with no instructions, no help and no guidance. But it comes with simple rules; do unto others, be free, live as easy as you can, accept that you can never touch the stars, even if you’re Tim Peake. We love you Tim! Life is hard enough without upping the stakes with racism and fear/hate mongering.

You are beautiful, so is your neighbour, and their brothers wife and their weird kids. Because they’re human. Unless you’re a racist prick, in which case you really need to take an important lesson to heart:

You are the product of millions of years of evolution and struggle, learning to coexist to achieve greater goals and heights. Fucking act like it.


2 thoughts on “Should we stay or should we go?! A review on modern hatred.

  1. This is such an interesting perspective. I had no idea what was going on over there, beyond people reacting with, “Shock and horror! The UK left the EU! What does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?” This is what it’s like being an American, and, thanks to my own anxiety, I’m too stressed to hit the news and look it up. The news is all shock value and horror stories.

    So much of what you say isn’t specific, not directed at the while situation at hand, but applicable to so many situations. People can’t think properly if they’re suffocated by fear. They can’t act responsibly. They can’t make educated decisions, and it seems like this is just acceptable. This is just the direction that the world is going in. It’s awful, but so many don’t know what to do.

    Amazingly, there are a lot of Americans that are up in arms, and all for vague, indirect reasons. Some people have valid points, like, “What happens to the protections for the LGBT+ community now that they no longer have the protections of the EU.” Good point, and I support that. But more Americans are just like, “This is why Scotland needs to get their independence from the UK!” Um…what does that have to do with anything? And “If the UK can leave the EU, then what’s stopping the states over here from following them? They’re setting a bad example for America!” Because it’s all about America… It’s frustrating.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. It’s refreshing to see a view that isn’t about the shock and horror of it all and isn’t about what this means to America. It’s nice to see a view that focuses on humanity, and the lessons we’re learning in moments like these. It was beautifully written, and thank you for that!

    • Thank you EdenNoMore, it’s nice to be appreciated! I did try to capture the calmer side of things, glad I seem to have succeeded! Thank you for reading it 🙂

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