Hope tastes better with freedom. Bastille Day knowledge.

A friend of mine put it best “Je suis getting sick of this shit”.

Those who have heard or read the news will have heard about the attack, those who haven’t, I may be about to ruin your day, sorry.

As Nice, (pronounced Neese) France celebrated one of its main holidays, a cowardly idiot ran over and killed 85 people and injured dozens more, before being shot by the French police, it’s currently being treated as a terrorist attack. Well, obviously, it caused terror, but not in the way intended, more because it was a truck, something anyone can get their hands on.

But I decided I’m not going to give it the amount of airtime they want it to. I decided something else.

Bastille day, the 14th July, is a huge holiday in France, the equivalent of D Day or VE Day, or maybe even Mardi Gras. But with slightly bloodier undertones, as all the best holidays do!
It celebrates the storming of the Bastille and is also known as French National Day or La Féte nationale (The national Celebration) and is an brilliant excuse to have fireworks, hot dogs and lots of cheese, snails, garlic bread or booze. That sounds like I’m being cruel, I’m really not! I’ve eaten snails (not to my personal taste, but my dad eats them sometimes) I love cheese (can’t eat it anymore, thanks anxiety for screwing with my digestion!) and everything on that list is eaten by almost everyone at least once. Seriously, you must try snails, worth it, even just once!

The storming of the Bastille happened two days into the French revolution (see, told you it was bloody!) and was a major point on the French revolution. The Bastille represented everything wrong with the hierarchy of France at the time. In 1789, the Bastille was the centre point of rage, flashing itself about as the point of royal authority, and those of you who don’t know what happened in the French Revolution, well, you really need to look it up. It’s incredible, and shows what happens when the people become fed up. The government should take note and be wary!

Bastille day isn’t just about storming a prison or killings hundreds of royals, lords and various idiots, it also represents a major day of unity in France.

I think we can safely say a large amount of us are standing with France at this point. The irony of killing innocent people on one of the bloodiest ‘This day in History’ days is how united it has made people already.

Vivé la espérer.


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