Eating with cats. I have to share my stir fry.

Trying to eat when you live with cats never gets old. But your food will generally always get cold.

Me: *finds a small black paw in my stir fry* Sigh, Greebo, get your foot out of my stir fry.
Greebo: But is mine.
Me: No, I’m fairly certain this is my stir fry.
Greebo: But is in bowl, my food go in bowls.
Me: No, really, get your paw out. That’s my shrimp.
Greebo: Is my shrimp. *licks it and leaves it on the carpet* I have some noodles?
Me: Sigh.

The next logical step of evolution for cat owners is to grow a mouth in the top of our heads, so when we have to hold the bowl above our heads we can just pour our food in quickly.

By the way, if you’re thinking of investing in a cat, learn to like the feeling of fur at the back of your mouth. And always having someone here to purr at you, and rub up your leg, telling you in their own way they love you. And waking up to them purring at you, gently reminding you that you’re their whole world.

Love your pets, they’ll always repay you ten thousand fold. With whatever you give them. If you adopt a pet, they’ll always love you more, just bear with them, wait for them to trust you. It’s worth the wait.
Also, people just plain suck, apart from a few rare ones!


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