I have all the self control of a raccoon.

Because I’m on call again, I’ve had no choice but to join the rest of the world in it’s technological habits. Not Pokémon go (Yes, I play!) but Twitter.

As regular readers will already know, there is not just this blog for you to have my thoughts inflicted on you, there’s also the Tumblr page (MegaTilf) then there’s the recently added Instagram page (tilfiticuswoo) and now there’s a Twitter page (RealTilfsworld).

When on call there’s not a lot to do. You can’t risk going out anywhere just in case the phone rings, so you have to entertain yourself. No, not like that, you filthy sods, but with films and YouTube and writing my book. It’s up to chapter 5 by the way, featuring werewolves, banshees, murder and mystery, I’ll keep you updated! And also delving into ‘new’ things.

So, for those wishing to see the cats, the dance and whatever else I get distracted by, please feel free to check out the other pages.

And yes, there is due to be a YouTube page added soon! Probably featuring the various names that have previously been mentioned on here along with other nonsense!

Have a fantastic night y’all!


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