Not all heroes wear capes. Help those that have too much pride.

Until recently, I was an undertaker. I never told you which company and I never will. Emphasis on ‘was an undertaker’. I am free.

I recently stepped back into retail, away from sexism and death and random meetings about this blog. Which I was pulled into on random occasions with no warning and no chance to call a union rep. But about all that, I care not.
I care that I was told talking about my mental health issues made the company look bad. I was made to delete my posts about my therapy for PTSD, anxiety, stress and nightmares or lose my job.
Like I say, I’m free.

I never gave you any names and I never will. I am free. I am free from the sexism and racism I faced everyday. I am free.
And that’s all I care about.

I thrive in retail, the busy-ness, the joy of interacting and helping, without the risk of such strict protocols which could be broken so easily and result in any kind of disciplinary action. That makes me sound bitter, I’m not, not anymore. I’m glad of the work I did for 18 months, the sense of closure I helped people gain. The help I gave to those beyond any medical help. But I’m also glad I’m free.

My therapy continues, in little ways, and soon the usual way may be needed again, but for now, my mind seems to be improving. But on this day of acceptance for all I ask you all a favour.
It’s coming out day, for all. And I ask that if you know anyone who is struggling with issues, of any kind, you help. Even a hug can be the difference to someone’s day. Think of it like a weird Christmas, the same way that they ask for good will to all men. Think of that one day you bite your tongue and think of how your words could be heard.
Every one of you has the power to be somebodies’ hero. Even for a moment. Start with one day, just one day of being the decent human beings you’re all capable of being. Then a couple of days, then a week. It builds, like any road to recovery.

If you see a family member struggling with heavy bags you would probably, I would like to think, offer to help. Even if you start at home, all help is wonderful. Not all baggage is visible, not all help is physical. There are those made to feel ashamed of their sexuality, their appearance, their mental health issues. Please don’t be those who step over someone on the floor, not all those who need help can put out their hand for a help up, pride can be a terrible thing.

You can all be a hero, not all hero’s wear capes.

NB. I tried to post this yesterday, but word press was having none of it! Apologies


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