Please be gentle with retail workers this Christmas.

The argument about retail/christmas has started again, so predictably there’s always at least one “well you have a job, be grateful”. So I’m here to mic drop.

Is it really necessary to shop on boxing day? Do you hate your family that much that you can’t possibly bear more than one day with them around you? Go to another room, watch repeats, anything. Retail workers don’t get packed in a box at the end of the day, they go home, just like you. They are having a bad day, just like you, they smile and say thank you when you drop your card on the counter like a child. Or when you yank everything off the shelves. Or swear at us because you left it until Christmas eve to do any shopping. Or because it doesn’t exist. Or because it’s cheaper online. You don’t like the crowds taking up the room in all of the shops round Christmas? Good, bugger off home so we can tidy the shop for you all to trash it just before new years. Also, yes, we love our jobs, we just would like to be treated like humans. Imagine if every retail worker treated you how they treated them? If you had to be stood next to someone behaving like you are would you be embarrassed?

I’m voting for the idea that retail workers, for just one day, can talk to you how you talk to them. Also, voting for the idea that everyone must spend one Christmas in retail, one valentines as a waitress and another season as an underrated worker.
Oh, by the way, those retail workers you insult all damn day, if they just close up and go home you’re going to struggle buying anything in a shop.

I have searched through a few of the people who have declared “you have a job” or the “get a proper job” people and I saw a lot of what I expected.
A lot of ‘I want to speak to the managers haircuts’, a lot of ‘patriotic’ people (generally sporting images of trump, Britain first or some other right wing bollocks). Anyway, generally what I expected; knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers.

Ok, I’m going to take my gall stone painkillers and go back to sleep.
Anyway, I’m done for the moment. Have a great week.


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