Finally published! Dun an Doras exists outside my head now!

Hooray! I’m finally published.
My work is a real book, a real existing thing.
Sorry for the excitement, but I find that kind of cool.

So for the past few years, I have been working on a series of books called Dun an Doras.
A story of magic, murder, crime drama and humour. Dark and funny, twisted and clear.
And now the first book is finally published. Following garden-variety humans, strong female leads (an apologetic banshee, amongst others) and a variety of topics most often taboo.

The first, Dun an Doras, is now available on Amazon and my initial feedback has been positive.

So please, support the dreams of the many who work for them. Have a look, buy it if it takes your fancy.

It’s even available as a kindle book!

Thank you.


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