Politicians and other reasons to hate life.

Anyone who has been alive for more than 15 years will have learned a vital truth: Politicians lie. A lot.
And for some reason, the same ones keep their jobs, constantly. Why?

In the UK, we recently had a local election, and those who watch the news will know that our fuhrer, sorry, chancellor, sorry, prime minister has called for a snap election in June.
You may need some background.

So, last year, the tory government (conservatives) decided to push for Brexit, that is, the UK leaving the European Union, which we have been part of since the 70s. When the votes were counted it turned out the leave vote won and all hell broke loose. A lot of people declared they had only voted leave as a protest and didn’t think it would actually happen and demanded a revote. This didn’t happen, instead the country was plunged into confusion about what was happening.
It split whole groups, including families, in two.

Around the same time America, you had your vote and for some unfathomable reason you voted in a man who is classically mentally deranged. And that’s coming from me, who would be classed as slightly mentally damaged. Now, don’t get me wrong, out of Trump and Clinton, it was a choice of two evils, but you had Sanders there too, why didn’t you vote for him? Maybe you deserve Trump.

But, and it’s a big but. We just had our counts for local elections and the Tories have won even more seats than they had in the first place! What the actual hell?

Is it something about being hated and controlled that we choose? New York famously recently greeted Trump with a protest, he apparently couldn’t get closer than 10 blocks to his home due to people calling for his impeachment, among other things.

The UK was sick of hearing about criminals waving the tattered rules of EU in our courts faces and getting away, literally, in some cases, with murder. So instead of holding a vote to demand different rights, we chose to walk away totally.

Maybe Guy Fawkes had the right idea? Or maybe I’m viewing it wrong. This is an opinion blog, that’s what opinion are for.

Trump is famously trying to scrub Obama from the history books (which won’t happen, beloved first black president who was hilarious) by replacing Obamacare with Trumpcare, which you’re allowing him to do. It says a lot that my spellcheck is trying to correct Trumpcare but not Obamacare. If you have ever survived cancer, or have any other pre-existing condition, including any mental health issues, under Trumpcare you lose your medical insurance. Congratulations, you hate celebrities who rape and abuse but you voted a famous woman hater and abuser into one of the most powerful positions on earth. Why? He confessed to grabbing women, basically because he deserves it, the right to touch women. How would you feel about him if one of those women were your wife? Or your daughter? A nice peachy 16 year old, hell 16 is legal in the UK, what’s the problem?

This is the man who cannot tell his own country’s history from lies, can’t be trusted with his own hair and famously just had to pay damages, a lot of damages, because his ‘college’ screwed people over and lied to them. And you gave him the nuclear codes. He called Obama out for getting involved in affairs of other countries, then did it himself and expected praise. He will probably be the start of World War 3, but it’s ok, because when you’re crawling across the nuclear waste and rubble that was your country you can wear a ‘make America great again’ hat, that was made in China.

Maybe we need a synchronised 5th November again. A world wide hit, timed perfectly so every leader is taken out and we can start over again.

Maybe we’ll get it right this time.
But with Trump supporters, the EDL and other rejects from even the most laughable horrors of imagination, we’ll probably still choose a total psychopath

At least Hannibal Lecter was honest about it


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