A strange new country called Earth.

Someone made the valid point that Trump being president for this long is proof that aliens don’t exist as he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut for this long. But he also wouldn’t be able to shut the hell up about JFK either, so I’m thinking this proves that Trump is probably the first president to have not been given the big book of secrets. If such a thing exists.

But on the subject of aliens, I had a few thoughts that made me think today. I shall share.
Imagine you hear about another country, you’ve seen pictures, it looks beautiful, so you research the people of that country and learn a few shocking things.

The people in this new country are strange. They hate other people in their country for living closer to the sun. They invent new ways to hate each other. They decide that because the people of one town have a different mayor, they will blame them for every persons evil action in that town. They see a hermit on the edge of the town, they see his mental health issues and decide that everyone in that town has the same issues and decide to try and kill all of them.

The people in the new country blame the women who get raped, because their skirts were too short. Or because they were drunk or because they couldn’t outrun their own relatives.

These new people invent high powered weapons and use them to shoot herbivorous animals and call it sport. They use these weapons to shoot children in schools. They specially breed horses and dogs to chase other animals down and tear them apart alive.

These people kill each other and poison their own country. They invent new ways to create amazing energy, incredible things that will create safe, clean energy. So other people in the country lie about how it works and ban it, leaving the whole country choking in a cloud of fossil fuels and poison gases.

They design incredible buildings, amazing architectural wonders that inspire and delight, and in their history they created ways to kill hundreds of people an hour and experiment on them while they still breathed.

This country has people who truly believe that girls should be refused abortions, even if their pregnancy was a result of being raped by their own father. They believe gay marriage is worse than priests raping children on a daily basis. They believe it’s acceptable to torture animals for their fur, organs and other pieces they’re using.

They designed amazing machines to make their lives easier, wonderous pieces of technology that excelled even their creators wildest imaginations. But some people in that country use those machines to mow down innocent people, leaving shock, horror and death in their wake.

The people in this new country are split into groups; male, female, gay, straight, transgender, nongender, black, white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and more. Each group has wonderful people, amazing people but they also have awful people, capable of terrible crimes. Instead of realising that those actions are made by the one or two broken people in the group, other people in the country decide that the whole group is poison and try to wipe it off the face of the planet.

This is the thing that George Carlin wonderfully pointed out many years ago. Can you see aliens wanting to come and visit us?

To top it off this country contains people who think climate change is a lie, vaccines poison people, raping children stops them getting STDs, boys shouldn’t cry, the earth is only 4000 years old and dinosaurs were a lie created to test their faith. They believe killing each other sends them to paradise. They believe it’s ok to tell people they’re too fat or too thin or too tattooed or too different.

It’s also the home of people who lift cars off complete strangers to save their lives. The people donate their organs when they die to save dozens of lives. They create amazing new things of every variety to amaze and astound.

It’s a strange country, filled with total opposites.
Answer me honestly, would you really want to visit? Honestly?
Didn’t think so.

But remember, while there those too awful to imagine, there are good, great even, people out there in this strange new country. Never forget that. Please.

But politicians are still liars.


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