About us :)

So, this blog is by us, for you, or possibly the other way around. No, nope, never mind, I was right the first time!
So, it’s a blog, it’s an educator, it’s a laugh and occasionally a cry.

We, by the way, are Tilf (that’s me), Mr Trick (also technically me) and Boo and Greebo (the cats! So, not me!)

I’m a 31 year woman who lives in Britain, back working retail, but I would love to be a writer for a living. I love so many different types of music and films, but I’m not above dancing (badly) to anything from classical to metal, pop to reggae, and everything in-between. I love Disney and enjoy spending my down time with friends, watching films, playing tabletop rp games; anything from the white wolf range to zombicide or seeing my boyfriend.
When I’m not working, writing or playing with my two house cats, I pole and aerial dance for fun and fitness and am a major sun worshipper. The second the weather breaks and happy Helios appears, I become a major sunbather!
I occasionally LARP, but sadly work has taken that hobby from me recently, but I’m always a non-com sneaky character, that’s just how I roll, or role!
I also have a terrible or dark sense of humour, depending on my mood!


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