The Black Museum. Crimes against posterity.

I took a day off work (being around deceased people) to see the crime museum, formally the black museum, to see things that made people deceased. It was odd, and a little disappointing. Continue reading

Heart-break, hope and fear. Mr Trick steals the blog.

So, she’s off fixing the kittens bippy mouse, ah, uh, a little squeaky mouse that makes a bip noise. Anyway, she’s fixing that, so I’m stealing the blog for a moment. It’s odd, isn’t it? How it’s easier to tell a million randoms something, than it is to tell one? Continue reading

Krokodil, Russia and other reasons to change the planet we live on. Mr Trick looks at a drug craze.

Right, sometimes drug addicts are pitiable. Rarely, but sometimes. Krokodil addicts, however, are morons of the highest and most ridiculous nature. I don’t pity them, I pity their fellow competitors for a Darwin award. Continue reading