The Black Museum. Crimes against posterity.

I took a day off work (being around deceased people) to see the crime museum, formally the black museum, to see things that made people deceased. It was odd, and a little disappointing. Continue reading


And the winner is…! The winner of 2014.2’s Bimbling Foodies choices.

Drum roll please, a really big one. The winner is revealed! Oh, didn’t you know? We pitted restaurants against each other, in a battle to the death of wages. And chose a winner. But in fairness, the restaurants didn’t know either, so it’s probably better that you have plausible deniability! Continue reading

Sushi, gin and chopsticks. The Bimbling Foodies have Japanese!

Well, it was the fifth, and final (of this seasons) Bimbling Foodies. And we’re all feeling very multi-cultural. Well, I am. Continue reading

Disappointment covered in squirty cream. Bimbling foodies, the first failure.

I’m a little saddened as I write this. Not major Robin-Williams-is-dead sad, just I-wanted-that-cake-and-that-fat-woman-who-doesn’t-need-any-more-cake-took-it sad. We had a mildly unsuccessful meal, and I feel a little like it was my fault. Continue reading

The American Dream. The second meeting of the Bimbling Foodies.

It’s official, I can reach my sugar limit. And all it took was an immeasurable amount of E-numbers, a metric fuck-ton of sugar and a national emergency of a burger.
Beautiful. Continue reading

Fabulous food, brilliant company. Tilf and The Bimbling Foodies find amazing food.

So, it’s become a thing that I and a few friends go and have a meal once a month on Monday nights. It’s brilliant; I eat actual food, I see actual human beings without wanting to punch them.
I work in retail, it’s a common thing. Continue reading