Rape, domestic abuse and what happens when you’re 1 in 4. Graphic content, caution required and recommended.

I’m warning you all now, if you want to read this, that’s fine, if you have experienced similar things, I hope this post helps you. But I warn you, it’s hard and dark, almost as hard to write as it was dark to experience. This post features rape, domestic abuse, mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I want it off my chest.
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It ain’t rape? It is rape. Tilf and Trick are angry as hell.

Today I encountered something called #itaintrape. I bimbled around the internet, trying to find out what on earth it was, and what brain-dead, inbred, dirt farming, mouth breathing, rotten piece of faecal slime could have come up with something like that. And all I found was more horror. Continue reading