Speed awareness and learning lessons. Tilf was caught being naughty!

Today I went to a speed awareness course. It was that or a fine and points on my license. Continue reading


“The peoples poet is dead.” The untimely death of Rik Mayall.

When I was about 10, I watched a TV show that made me laugh so much, I actually cried. The Young Ones then later Bottom and eventually The New Statesman moulded my humour today. And this week, I cried at the same person, but because he’s died. Continue reading

Accidents and emergencies. Tilf is a clumsy mess.

As a child, I was horrifically clumsy. Seriously, I could trip over air. My family called me souvenir for years, because I left pieces of myself wherever I went. If I was a child now, my parents would spend all their time being followed round by child services. But the simple fact was, I was a clumsy little git. Continue reading