Geek chic, D&D, cats, Disney and True Loves Kiss. On call week.

Ah, on call week. Where I sit watching Disney films, Netflix and play with the cats, while eating ready meals because they’re the only thing I can cook and inhale fast enough in-between calls. Also, when I write, rant and smoke too much. Continue reading


Periods, cats and Netflix.

There are many secrets women keep from men, mainly for their own protection. That is basically because men don’t want to know how we get the patch at the back of our knees shaved. Now I think about it, if men knew what kind of positions we got into to shave ourselves, they’d demand kinkier sex. Continue reading

Nightmares abound. Another Tilf night-terror sequence. (Picture courtesy of a random google search -scary demon)

It’s now almost 1am and I’ve just woken myself up, screaming, from the most horrific and terrifying nightmare. I’m trying to stay awake, hence this post. Continue reading