Reynaud’s sucks. I can’t wear gloves.

I’m kind of bored of explaining, so instead when people ask why my hands look weird, I’m just going to direct them here.
I have Reynaud’s. It’s not contagious. Continue reading


Flu on New Years? Universe, you bastard.

So I have recently had the Flu. So recently, in fact, that I still have it. Not a cold. Not a Flu. THE Flu. I did have plans for New Years, now I don’t. And it’s horrible. Continue reading

We hate winter. Trick and Tilf talk about the weather, kind of.

I live in England, for some sin or other, and this delightful little country has decided, after a beautifully prodigious summer, to remind us where we live.

With a start of autumn/winter that promises tears before bedtime. Continue reading