Sir Terry Pratchett. Gone but never forgotten.

When I was in secondary school, I was looking for a book to fill my lunch hour, so just a short one, only about 600 pages or so, and a weird one jumped out at me. It was the start of a beautiful and obsessive friendship. Today, I felt a loss I haven’t felt in years. Sir Terry Pratchett died today, and I genuinely had to fight the tears. I failed. Continue reading


Trash toys, hope and care. Tilf and Trick examine a new world of lost dignity.

For some time we haven’t done a full serious piece, but today, I saw something that made me so angry I had to. I had to wonder, and I ask you to wonder with me. Continue reading

Moving house with Tilf and Trick. Part 1 of the “What was i thinking?” diary-blog-thing! We shall spread the horror of moving.

So far we’ve packed over a dozen boxes, and we haven’t made a dent in what needs doing.
With that in mind, I present to you all, those currently spared the fate of trying to move house, and those experiencing a very similar hell, the ways of the move.

This will get messy. Continue reading

Not December, not Christmas. Bear with us, this has a point! Tilf and Trick try calming down about the dreaded ‘C-word’.

The good news is that I’m still alive. The downside is that apparently, it’s only 110 days until Christmas. I was informed, and I was not happy. I took that photo today, by the way. Continue reading

Tattoos and tears. Tilf bears witness to modern body art and familial reactions.

I’m happy to say that I have had another tattoo done, this time a cover up, so I can legally rag on people with bad tattoos. Unfortunately, my family don’t feel this way, despite the fact I’m 28, and, I like to think, actually an alright kid. But apparently not. I’m actually evil. Continue reading

Pets Vs People. Tilf and Mr Trick look at the social hierarchy of fur vs cheek pinches.

I love my cat, with all my heart, pity the squash, because he has to share my heart with the fat, contented house moggy, but he seems to have happily accepted this place, and even acknowledged that to stay in my heart and head he has to get on with the piggy-wiggy, and he tries, lord knows he tries, but she hates men. I love animals, but still, the concept of animals living with people confuses me. Continue reading